2018 Updates! Help Us Out Please!

Hey guys and gals! We hope everyone had a great 2017 paintball year, and are looking forward to 2018. Paintball Gun Manuals has needed some updates and it has been too long. With everyone’s help we are hoping we can add all of the manuals we are missing. If you can’t find a manual on our website, please make a comment below of the make and model of your paintball product we are missing!

Thank you to everyone who has used this website over the years! Over 500 people visit our website a day and we love it! Thank you thank you thank you!
Hope to hear from everyone!

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2017 NXL Las Vegas Event #1

With the first NXL event only weeks away, a ton of teams will be out this weekend at the local paintball field learning every detail they can about the new layout! 2017 is lining up to be one of the best years for paintball! More and more teams are building programs to bring more players up the ranks and so many roster changes happened coming into this year so the season should be a fun an interesting one to watch!
Vegas NXL 2017 Layout

If you are new to paintball or unfamiliar with tournament paintball and want to watch the events LIVE, be sure to take a look at www.GOSPORTS.com! This website steams live so many of the big events with commentary and informative tutorials!


New for 2017 is the Under Armour Paintball sponsorship program! If your 3 man, 5 man or Scenario team are looking for new apparel and want to show your support for a huge company showing love to paintball, contact John Jackson with Pro Edge Paintball. This could turn out to be an amazing opportunity to grow paintball and get some real support behind us!

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Gi Sportz Glide Pants Review

GI Sportz Glide Pants, best pants in 2016? Just maybe! When these pants were being first tested in February 2015 the players who saw them saw something unexpected. Most paintball pants up to this point we very heavy duty, stiff and heavily padded. Usually the pants with no padding were very cheaply made. The all new GI Sportz Glide pants are probably the lightest, most flexible paintball pants I have ever tried on. If you are familiar with paintball pants the Dye UL pants are light weight with little padding but not the same as the GI Sportz Glide Pants.

Have you ever tried to stretch before playing while wearing your paintball pants? If so, most likely you know you aren’t really able to get a full stretch in most positions. While testing the GI Sports Glide pants, players asked me if I really liked them and I would show them how I was able to squat, bend over and move freely in all positions. If the pants got wet, because of the light weight they would dry out very fast!

Some key features I enjoyed while testing these pants

-Incredible Flexibility while playing

-Lightest Paintball pants I have ever worn.

-No heavy zippers to break or dig into your sides and legs.

-Draw String combined with Velcro waist band

-Strong draw string ankle band to prevent ripping

If you have any questions about these pants before you buy, please email me directly! John at Pro Edge Paintball.com

Pro Edge Paintball has these pants in stock with FREE SHIPPING! So please show your support and visit www.ProEdgePB.com to order your GI Sportz Glide Pants!

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Best Paintball Gun 2015


Congrats you made it through 2014! If you didn’t get a new paintball gun for Christmas and are in the market for a new paintball marker we are going to break down the most exciting new top paintball guns for the year 2015!

Each one of the markers below has made it to our list for Best Paintball Gun in 2015 due to the history of the companies and the performance these markers provide for a very fair price. We will show you the highest end and the entry level style markers that we still feel are the best markers available in 2015.


#1  Eclipse Geo 3.5 – See Color Options Here

Planet Eclipse has gone above and beyond this time. Over the last year or so Eclipse has made small changes to their Geo line but the Eclipse Geo 3.5 tops it off.

The 3.5 is now the most efficient, sleekest looking and one of the lightest spool valve paintball markers now available. Unfortunately not everyone can spend close to $1500 on their paintball gun BUT if you can, this marker is the Ferrari of paintball markers. This paintball gun has the smoothest shot of the Eclipse like of guns. Just like test driving a car, some cars you just have to sit in for yourself to get the feel and understand why one is that much more amazing than another. The Geo 3.5 is the exact same situation! The look, feel and the smooth shot just makes it an amazing overall paintball gun.


Eclipse Geo 3.5 Best Marker

To start is off, all eclipse markers come in a metal zipper case that is heavy duty to protect your new baby. Each 3.5 comes with a large o ring kit that includes any and all o rings you would ever need in addition to an allen set and a large tube of lube for maintenance.

Coming in at $1449.95 this is the highest end marker on our list!


1. 1500+ shots from a single 68 4500 air tank refill.

2. Tool less bolt assembly/dis assembly – Newest Feature

3. Hose less with new POPS On/OFF


#2 Empire Axe Pro – See Color Options Here

The Empire Axe Pro comes in an exciting second for the 2015 best paintball guns!

The new version of the most popular Empire Axe now comes with some great features. The main new changes you will notice when holding this marker is the awesome feel in your hands. The new Axe Pro weighs in at 2 pounds 3.4 ounces compared to the original Axe weighing in at 2 pounds 5.1 ounces. The new milling of the frame naturally feels 100 times better in your hands.

Empire Axe Pro 2015 Marker

The efficiency and reliability of the original Axe was uncontested at the same price level. Now, with the revamped Axe Pro you have a reliable platform and new features that compete with the $1000+ paintball guns on the market!

At less than half of the price of most “high end” markers the Axe Pro goes for $699.95


– ALL NEW Empire 14 inch 2 Piece barrel – (See The New Empire Barrel Here)

-Red Line Board- Large Screen in for grip for adjusting modes and settings.

-Vanquish Style Clamping Feedneck for easy adjustment and tightening.

-Redesigned Quick Bolt Release – Even Easier and tool less bolt maintenance

-Weather Sealed For grip for longevity of electronics and battery



#3 Planet Eclipse Etek 5See Color Options Here

The All new Planet Eclipse Etek 5 was secretly released at World Cup 2014 to only dealers and was accepted very quickly! These markers began shipping in early 2015 in limited supplies and immediately sold off the shelves! Planet Eclipse seems to be ahead of the game with their new features and upgrades and the paintball community can feel that when handling the new redesigned Etek 5 paintball marker!

Eclipse 2015 Etek 5 Best



-The ability to add a full blown, great looking OLED Screen for only $79.95

-Zick 3 Rammer to reduce Kick and Increase softness on paintballs

-Much quieter sound signature compared to all older models of Etek


#4 Tiberius T15See More Here

NOW this is where the fun begins in our list! If you really enjoy the tactical side of paintball then the ALL NEW T15 from Tiberius is one of my favorites for sure.

The T15 is a heavy duty, very well built, magazine AND hopper fed marker! The magazined will accept regular paintballs along with the insanely straight shooting Tiberius First Strike rounds!

Tiberis T15 Scenario Paintball Gun

The 2 piece Cast Aluminum construction gives the marker a very real and balanced feel to it.


-First Strike and Paintball Compatible

-Tool less bolt removal and cleaning

-2 x 19 Round First  Strike Round Capable Magazines – See price for additional Mags Here

-Guerrilla Air 13 ci 3000 psi air tank included inside the adjustable stock

-Heavy Duty Soft carrying case


#5 Empire Mini GSSee Color Options Here

The best, high performance marker for under $400 is here! The new Empire Mini GS is the Invert Mini revamped and I must say they did an amazing job with this one. The proven platform is still there along with the same electronic board as the original Empire Axe. Now with the new designs of the milling, look of the barrel and on/off system the gun LOOKS as well as it has always performed.

Empire Mini GS 2015


-Rubber front grip cover to reduce slippage when hands are sweaty or covered in paint.

-Empire Vanquish style mounted air on/off to eliminate loosening of on/off.

-Only 2 Allen Wrenches needed for all adjustments on marker.

– Micro switch trigger system instead of the magnetic trigger on older models.

The new, best feeling marker for 2015 is now on sale for $359.95


#6 Azodin KaosSee Package Options Here

The Azodin Kaos paintball gun makes our top list because it is by far the best paintball gun on the market for under $100. This gun is all metal with a clamping feed neck that is adjustable without tools! This paintball gun has a metal for grip that allows you better control of the paintball gun when shooting it. This gun is designed to be extremely simple and fast to clean for anyone of any ages!


#7 Empire AxeSee Color Options Here

Pro Edge Paintball Axe 2015

The Empire Axe is being called the adult version of the Invert Mini. Using the same bolt technology, the Empire Axe has all of the upgrades the mini needs but already installed and perfected. With the push of a button the bolt and firing assembly can be removed to clean this gun. The Empire Axe also offers a flip lever air on/off system that allows you to degas your paintball gun without having to struggle to take off your air tank.


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Interview with PSP’s Lane Wright on 2015 Rule Changes

By Byron Woodfork

lane wright psp coo socialpaintball

Last week, PSP announced that there would be a few key rule alterations for the 2015 season. Since the announcement, there have been mixed feelings regarding the changes to both the divisional and professional ranks within the league. We got the chance to catch up with PSP’s Chief Operating Officer, Lane Wright, to discuss his thoughts on these new changes. Lane provides his honest opinion and helps to shed some light on what he believes were some pretty necessary alterations.

SP: We’ve seen the rules change from only coaching on the spectator side to only coaching from the top of the bleachers and now, no coaching at all. What brought on this decision? Did it have something to do with wanting to make the game more intense? If so, how?

LW: There was a lot of debate about taking the coaching limit a step further. In the end, the board decided to go that step. Every limitation to coaching has been an effort to put more emphasis on the players skill set and less on listening to outside influences. Personally, I felt the things we did last year limited the effect of “coaching” enough. But others wanted it reduced more. There’s a lot of experience in that room. There’s a lot of variety in thought and things can be looked at from lots of perspectives. I had an opinion that differed from the final decision. But that diversity is a positive. It’s what’s made us successful. It can’t always be my way.

SP: It could be argued that removing coaching, completely takes the crowd out as a factor of participation. We’ve seen crowds cheering for teams like Upton 187, Tampa Bay Damage, X-Factor, etc. Will the crowd be asked to be completely quiet during pro matches?

LW: It was argued. At length. In the end, the majority of the board voted to do away with coaching entirely.

I’ll make this simple. Anyone that argues that because their gun is slower they have to play slower has some real insecurity issues. The other guys gun is the chief factor in how fast you can play the game. His gun is slower, too. These guys are like the people who claim they had to walk uphill to school, both ways. It gets absurd. The game has turned almost entirely into a shooting game. It’s boring to everyone who isn’t on the field. And, if people actually looked at real information, there are less and less people on the fields. Not the PSP fields as of late. But on the fields across the world. And eventually, that decline will reach the PSP fields.

SP: Also, what was the PSP’s reasoning for lowering the professional division BPS to semi auto?

LW: We didn’t lower the pro BPS. We’ve made it so the pro players guns couldn’t shoot for them. I’m really not clear on why anyone thinks this is a bad thing. And, to be completely frank, I haven’t had a single complaint from any pro player that’s worth a crap. I’ve seen a few of the wannabe’s and hanger on’s complain. But none of the top notch players seem the least bit concerned.

SP: 2014 was the most successful season for the PSP that we’ve seen in years. With that said, what advances (or declines) do you foresee for the 2015 season?

LW: Actually, I felt 2013 was the most successful season PSP has had. But, 2014 wasn’t bad. PSP will, by natural progressions, follow industry trends. The industry has trended downward for the past 6 years. We just stay a few years behind that down turn because our player base is a few years farther into the program already. If 3% of new paintball players make it to the PSP level and 200 guys start to play in 2010, you’d expect 6 of them to make it to PSP by 2014. If only 100 start to play in 2011 you’d only expect 3 of them to get to PSP in 2015. I think that’s where we are. In all honesty, I feel that maintaining our numbers from last year would be a success in 2015.

SP: What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?

LW: Watching a few of the really good players on the pro field compete against the other players and not the other guns. I really believe we will see a few of the top players separate from the pack. It’s been a long time since that was a possibility.

PSP is looking to move forward with these changes in hopes that they will help grow the sport. Currently, there have not been any other changes announced, but in the event that there are, we will provide updates and potentially another interview from the PSP’s C.O.O. himself. Stay tuned.

Correction: The author had an error about the NCPA lowering their BPS this season. We’ve updated the interview by removing that error. The NCPA has a 12.5 BPS.

Source: SocialPaintball.com, Interview with PSP’s Lane Wright on 2015 Rule Changes

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