Celebrities Playing Paintball at Hollywood Sports Park

By Bear D’Egidio

Being the premiere paintball park in California has it perks. One of which is seeing celebrities come out to play paintball. We’ve had tons of celebrities come through our Hollywood Sports Parks to play paintball over the years. This is just a list of some of the latest to come out and shoot some paint with us!

NBA star Paul George of the Indian Pacers and Jeremy Tyler of the New York Knick were recently playing paintball at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, California. Paul George is an avid paintball player and can be seen shooting people up monthly at Hollywood Sports Park.

paul george paintball

jeremy tyler nyknicks paintball

Nicole Sherzinger famed for The Pussy Cat Dolls and being an X-Factor judge was recently seen at Hollywood Sports Park, with friends and family playing a fun day of paintball.


Famed musician and producer Diplo recently stopped by Hollywood Sports Park to play some paintball with fellow musician and famed DJ Dillon Francis. The two along with many friends played paintball all day at Hollywood Sports.

dillon francis diplo paintball

Famed musician Mike Posner was recently playing paintball at Hollywood Sports Park with me.

mike posner paintball

Matt Barnes of the LA Clippers was recently playing paintball Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA with his wife and brother-in-law Gilbert Arenas.

matt barnes paintball

gilbert arenas paintball

Stay tuned for more celebrities playing paintball!

Source: SocialPaintball.com, Celebrities Playing Paintball at Hollywood Sports Park

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UFC Heavyweight Fabricio Werdum Plays Paintball

By Bear D’Egidio

fabricio werdum paintball

The second Giant Tactical day took way Saturday January 11th, at Hollywood Sports Park. Giant Tactical Day is a combination of tournament players, scenario players, and first time players coming together to help grow the sport of paintball. Hollywood Sports Park “Greatest Park on Earth” hosted the 2nd GNTL DAY with special guest UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum, who also brought with him famed MMA fighter Renato “Babalu” Sobral of the UFC and Strike Force, and Rubens Charles Maciel aka “Cobrinha” who has won a total of eight world championship titles in Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a black belt in the featherweight category.

Werdum along with “Babalu” and “Cobrinha” all own personal mma gyms and helped promote and bring tons of MMA fighters with them to make this one of the largest groups ever at Hollywood Sports Park with over 350 people playing. In attendance were also tons of music producers, dj’s from the Los Angeles area, DJ MIZZ spinning live, as well as the the GTFAM to help and assist kids and new players thru out the day.

Entrance to Giant Tactical Day got you a free case of paint, lunch , drinks, chips, all day air, admission, and a Giant Tactical headband, along with over $1,000 in raffle prizes given away. The focus of Giant Tactical is to help grow the sport by allowing a 1 cost simple admission that includes everything and allows experienced players to mix in with beginners and help players grow as well as bring out new players to experience this great sport.


With world famous fighters and the promotion of there social medias and gyms Giant Tactical was really able to show off paintball as a fun,relaxing yet adrenaline packed sport great for all ages and all people. Giant Tactical will be hosting a GNTL DAY at several of the Giant Sportz facilities aimed at helping the sport grow, as well as utilizing tons of games and special events thru out the day to make everyone’s paintball experience so unique.

Make sure to visit GiantTactical.com to check out the next GNTL DAY in February at the World Famous SC Village.

Source: SocialPaintball.com, UFC Heavyweight Fabricio Werdum Plays Paintball

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