Dalton Vanderbyl Signs with Tampa Bay Damage

By Byron Woodfork

Dalton Vanderbyl Paintball

We’ve just confirmed that Tampa Bay Damage has acquired star front player Dalton Vanderbyl from San Diego Dynasty. Vanderbyl collected a total of 99 kills last season with an average of .67 kills per point, placing him in the top 20 category of kills collected as he helped Dynasty win 2 events plus the PSP Series title.

With the addition of Vanderbyl, Damage builds upon an already solid lineup of players for the first tournament of the season, the PSP Dallas Open, less than 2 months away. Damage recently acquired Jason Wheeler, formerly of Moscow Red Legion. Vanderbyl brings exactly what Damage’s roster is currently filled with; versatility. His ability to play practically anywhere on the field is a threat every match.

Damage is yet again poised to be a contender as they bring back their core group of Florida-base players, plus two solid players to complete their 2014 roster.

When asked about the pick up, Tampa Bay Damage manager Joey Blute said: “We are super excited to welcome Dalton to the team. We feel he will be a perfect fit for Damage.”

Vanderbyl’s thoughts on the move: “Dalton Vanderbyl coming in like a wrecking ball in 2014!!”

Tampa Bay Damage’s 2014 Roster:
CJ Botsolas
Keith Brown
Chad Busiere
Jacob Edwards
Jason Edwards
Ramzi El-Yousef
Paul Everett
Dan Holliday
Timmy Propst
Bryan Smith
Dalton Vanderbyl
Jason Wheeler

Photo: Emoll Photography

Source: SocialPaintball.com, Dalton Vanderbyl Signs with Tampa Bay Damage

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Interview with Noel Tran, Coach of Upton 187 Crew

By Byron Woodfork

noel tran 187 crew paintball

A few weeks ago news broke that Nick Leival of the Upton 187 Crew would be joining Edmonton Impact for the 2013 season. Shortly afterward, we had a chance to catch up with team coach Noel Tran. Here’s what he had to say.

Who will assume the role of Captain on the team this season?

As far the official role of captain, there is no plan to elect someone that title. Right now, we are a very strong and close group. We’ve always believed that everyone input is treated equally. In that case, filling the role of captain is not really a priority. I do personally feel that it is a role that will be filled and will be self-selected over time as individuals learn to take in more responsibility.

Will 187 make any moves to assure that they will be a contender throughout the 2014 season?

There aren’t very specific moves that we are making in order to assure we will be contenders this upcoming season. We are continuing to develop the skills necessary to compete at the highest level. Each and every person on the team needs to step up their game in order for us to compete and win games.

Will you be hosting tryout to fill the empty spot left my Leival?

We are not holding tryouts in order to fill the spot left open by Nick. He had a lot of responsibilities on the field and although there is not one person that can replace everything he can do, we know we can split up duties amongst the players we have already. Over the last season, we have had players practice with us from semi-regular to a regular basis. There are other players we are looking at in order to build more depth on our roster.

Was there any indicator of Leival leaving the team last season?

Honestly, Nick has been very transparent when all of this was going down. He has individually spoken to everyone and we know it was a hard decision for him to make. It obviously hurts to lose a great player and friend but we fully support his endeavors to move on with another team that is able to provide him with some new opportunities. This will also open up opportunities for players on our team to become better players because they will have to be relied on more. We have always had to face adversity and we will continue to face it head on.

No matter what we will be a better team this upcoming year than last year. It will just be a different better team without Nick.

Source: SocialPaintball.com, Interview with Noel Tran, Coach of Upton 187 Crew

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LA Infamous Signs the Bornstein Brothers

By Byron Woodfork

bornstein brothers paintball

Los Angeles Infamous has just made public the latest news from their camp. The West Coast team has officially signed Jason and Corey Bornstein for the duration of the 2014 PSP season. The Bornstein brothers have always been known for their unique ability to work together on the field, picking apart teams due to their fluid & aggressive playing styles. Corey spent some time playing the mid-position with Edmonton Impact and Sacramento XSV for the last two seasons, while his brother Jason bounced around on some divisional teams for a bit.

In his time spent with Impact, Corey played a total of 87 points and collected a solid 46 kills. But both brothers are back in action and playing under the same banner once again. Infamous’ 2013 performance was undoubtedly disappointing as they were one of the teams projected to win a tournament after a strong showing in 2012. With the addition of the Bornstein brothers, Infamous currently has a roster of 12 players for the season. With such a large roster, playing time will be scarce for some positions so do not be surprised to see someone released from the team this season or departing on their own accord.

Photo: Corey Bornstein

Source: SocialPaintball.com, LA Infamous Signs the Bornstein Brothers

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Edmonton Impact Signs Nick Leival and Ryan Martin for 2014

By Byron Woodfork

nick leival ryan martin edmonton impact

Edmonton Impact’s team owner, Bart Yachimec has wasted absolutely no time with filling the void left by players Tim Montressor, Greg Siewers, and Ryan Moorhead, just last week as all three decided to sign with Houston Heat. Younger veteran players, Nick Leival of Upton 187 and Ryan Martin of Trenton Top Gun Union both have agreed to a one year deal with Edmonton in hopes to help edge out a tournament victory in the upcoming season. Both Leival and Martin are youthful, yet skilled enough to help the team remain a championship contender.

We spoke with both Bart Yachimec and Dave Bains (Captain/Back Player on Edmonton Impact) about their thoughts on the new additions.

“Opportunity. Impact is going to have a lot of new blood in the line up that we feel is going to be good for us,” said Bart Yachimec. “We have our solid core. The core is still there and the experience is still there. We’ve created an opportunity for the new guys to come in and show us what they can do. I feel like the will to win is going to be high.”

“We had a couple of open spots due to players leaving. We felt like these are two young and hungry guys ready to play and prove themselves,” said Dave Bains. “They are the future. It’s our duty since we’ve been playing for a long time to pass on any knowledge and experience we can. I’m all for it. Adding Raney, we are confident that we have a solid team and are looking good with our core group of guys.”

Impact had been facing an uphill battle throughout the 2013 season, with what seems like a record-setting number of 4th, 3rd and 2nd place finishes all year long. No matter how great they looked, their team could not put an event win together in the PSP throughout the year; including World Cup where they were ahead 3-1 against San Antonio X-Factor in the championship match and still could not come away with the victory.

Last November, the team signed Raney Stanczak, formerly of Tampa Bay Damage. Stanczak has a high paintball IQ and has proven to be a versatile player.

Are these three pickups just what the doctor ordered for this franchise? Will they be able to finally get that elusive PSP tournament win? We would like to hear your thoughts.

The current 2014 Edmonton Impact roster consists of:

Justin Cornell
Dave Bains
Josh Ouimet
Raney Stanczak
Zane Yachimec
Zachary Yachimec
Justin Rabackoff
Nick Leival
Ryan Martin

Photos: Emoll Photography, PaintballPhotography.com

Source: SocialPaintball.com, Edmonton Impact Signs Nick Leival and Ryan Martin for 2014

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Ask the Pros: Halves or Race-To Paintball format? [Video]

By Byron Woodfork

Earlier this year, we sparked a debate towards the PSP choosing to continue using the standard “Race-To” format as opposed to the previous “Halves” style of play. Currently, in the professional Race-To format, the first team to score 7 points wins; or the team with the most points after 20 minutes, wins. Apart from Tennis and Volleyball, paintball is the only professional sport to date that has a “ceiling” when it comes to scoring points against the opposing teams, limiting the victors to 7 and the losers with the inability to form a heroic comeback in the last minutes of a match. An example of halves would be, 2 periods with 10 minutes of playing time each. The team with the most points at the end of the 2nd period gets the victory.

In our latest video, we asked several pro paintball players what their opinion was on the topic and the answers just might surprise you.

What are your thoughts on the different formats?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

Source: SocialPaintball.com, Ask the Pros: Halves or Race-To Paintball format? [Video]

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