When paintball players ask me which are the Best Paintball Gloves and if I use paintball gloves I have to give them a funny answer. Some players love to wear gloves and all for different reasons. Players wear gloves to protect their hands from getting shot, they wear gloves to help grip their paintball gun when playing and some also wear them to protect their hands from the bushes when they are crawling around.

I typically only wear gloves if it is cold outside or I am playing in the woods because I feel some gloves restrict your movement when shooting. Each person is a little different as you can tell but I have put together some of the best paintball gloves that I have tried and tested.

If you have any input about other  gloves that you think are the best paintball gloves please comment below, your input could help others when picking which pair they choose to purchase.

 BT Operator Paintball Gloves

The Empire Bt Operator Paintball Gloves are some of the best tactical paintball gloves I have ever used. They are designed similar to the Oakley gloves as you can see below.
They are extremely durable and breathe well. The hard back on the knuckles is great for working your way through the brush. You don’t have to worry about anything coming through the gloves as you push your hands into brush.
The price on the BT Operator gloves are very fair in my opinion for what you get. I have owned these for over a year now and are in good condition still.
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Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves

Here are the Oakley gloves thatthe BT Operator gloves are made after. I have worn these and they are more comfortable than the BT gloves but that can be expected as they are also more expensive. These Oakley gloves are known throughout a huge number of sporting industries, especially in the tactical side of things. Take a look at them for yourself and read the reviews, they are top quality.
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Full Finger Hard Back Gloves

If you are looking for an inexpensive glove that offers a ton of protection, take a look here. These are the full finger with a plastic back. In reality, all you need to protect your hand from a paintball shot is a little hard plastic and you won’t feel much of the impact. These gloves do exactly that for an extremely fair price. Don’t expect them to be extremely durable for the price, you could buy two or three of these gloves for the price of just one of the other pairs.

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HK Army  Paintball Gloves

If you aren’t looking for tactical paintball gloves then the new HK Army gloves are perfect. Very durable, light weight and offer good grip unlike some other brands. These are fairly priced as well. Take a look at our HK Army Paintball gloves review here. These are probably the best paintball gloves in the tournament or speedball side of paintball. Most other paintball gloves compared to these are priced much higher for the same quality and product features.
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