Best Paintball Gun

Best Paintball Gun

If you have found this page you are in the market or just curious to find out what the best paintball gun available is or was! Well I hope I can cover all of the necessary topics for a handful of paintball guns in order to help you decide which is the best paintball gun for YOU!

As we cover a list of paintball guns I would really like you to consider a few things. Think about how each paintball gun will fit into your playing schedule and style.

-How will the paintball gun fit in your bag?

-Does it look too real to take out in public-?

Yes the gun looks awesome but does it weight 10 pounds once it is all put together and ready to use?

-Maybe 10 pounds isn’t a lot for those short games but what about the big games that last thirty minutes to an hour?

-How easy can you clean it at the local paintball field? Is it near impossible?

-If it breaks can you find parts? How difficult is it to find parts? 

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before spending your hard earned money on a paintball marker.

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