Best Planet Eclipse LV1 Upgrades

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 is by far one of the most advanced paintball guns ever produced. Even for the most advanced paintball guns there are always upgrades that can make the performance, feel and look even that much better!We are very picky when it comes to upgrades, there is no reason to spend money on items that don’t actually offer improvement of performance or overall feel of the marker.
Below we break down each recommended upgrade to show you why it is worth every dollar spent. 
The following items are the best and most needed upgrades for the LV1! 

The trigger on the Eclipse LV1 is nice for some players, but the Violent Products triggers are by far the best trigger upgrades available in the sport.
The Violent Series Deuce LV1 trigger offers a much better feel and a lighter weight which allows a smoother trigger pull.  

  • Ergonomically correct
  • Super lightweight
  • Made of Delrin
  • 5 way adjustment / pre travel, post travel , magnetic tension, spring
  •  tension and micro-switch
  • Full radius trigger face

Planet Eclipse Shaft4 Barrel Back – Black – .685 (Misc.)

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The Shaft 4 barrel on the Ego LV1 is one of the most famous for it’s performance but all competitive players know that in order to shoot the most accurate in all conditions you must have a barrel kit that you can size your paintballs to. The stock barrel only comes with one barrel back and one barrel tip, the barrel back is the standard .689 bore size (inside diameter) which will work with a good amount of paintballs out there but definitely not all.
Buying an additional Shaft 4 barrel back of a smaller bore size (recommended .685) will allow you to shoot more accurate when the paintballs you are using are smaller than the only bore size the stock LV1 barrel comes with.

Planet Eclipse Grip Kit – LV1 – White (Misc.)

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