Paintball Coupons- New Website Rumors

After some talking with a group of “Industry” guys, rumor has it their is a new website being launched pretty soon. This site is supposed to list any type of paintball coupons available for some of the online retailers. If you are in the search for paintball coupons then you may want to bookmark this website. Paintball coupons are hard to find, especially when in search for paintball gear and supplies on sale. The site is supposed to list paintball product codes which will give you Free Shipping, or 10% entire purchase of paintball gear. The site is to launch early to mid 2012. is the website name. If you visit the website to find the current list of paintball coupons you get an error page saying the page can not be found.

paintball coupons





Like I was saying before, paintball coupons are pretty hard to find due to the MAP rules that most paintball companies make their dealers agree to. If this site says what it is supposed to, then you might just be able to find some good deals out there. Coupons for any item you spend money on are great, even if it only saves you a dollar here or there. With the economy the way it is, coupons for the sport of paintball would be extremely helpful for those paintball players on budget.

Paintball Gun will be sure to post more information when it becomes available.

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