Top 10 Paintball Hoppers

With there being so many paintball hoppers available now days whare are the Top 10 Paintball Hoppers? We decided to put together a non biased Top 10 Paintball Hoppers list and break each hopper down to you to show you why you should be one over another or why you should stay as far away as you can from another.


#10 – Basic 200 Round HopperRead More Here

This basic hopper design is perfect for the players who are new to the sport or players who do not have a need to shoot a large or fast amount of paintballs at one time. This hopper will require you to shoot about 5-10 shots then shake it in order to get the paintballs to fall into your paintball gun. It is cheap and affordable for lacks performance.

#9 – Proto PrimoRead More Here

If you want to save money but do not want to deal with putting batteries inside your hopper this is perfect for you. The improved Proto design is amazing for the price and keeps you from having to shake your paintball gun in order to get paintballs to feed, even without a motor and batteries.

#8 – DYE Rotor R2Read More Here

The Dye R2 Loader is one of the coolest loaders to hit the market in almost 10 years. The Dye R2 deserves a minute from you to take a look at and consider it as your next upgrade! The loader expands from 200 ball capacity to a 250 ball capacity with the movement of one slide button. The Dye Rotor has a very high feed rate as usual and offers an anti jam tab to pull when you have any issues during game play. This loader also has an option to turn the sound and lights off for those scenario players.

Definitely a loader you need to check out and experience for yourself!

#7 – Tippmann CycloneRead More Here

This is by far the best hopper on the market for Tippmann paintball guns. This hopper definitely deserves to be on the Top 10 Paintball hoppers list. The Cyclone feed system uses air directly off of your paintball gun to spin the hoppers internals during each shot. This insures that the hopper is feeding correctly as long as you have air in your paintball tank to shoot the paintballs. With a great record for being durable and reliable, this is the best hopper hands down for the Tippmann paitnball gun.

#6 – Empire Halo TOORead More Here

If you want a middle of the road performing hopper that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles and doesn’t come with the bells and whistles price tag this hopper is perfect. It is sound activated and used AA batteries instead of 9 volts, this will save you money in the long run. The hopper is pretty durable but is more difficult to clean than the other, more expensive hoppers on the Top 10 Paintball Hoppers list.

#5 – Empire ScionRead More Here

This hopper is almost identical to the Invert Halo TOO hopper but offers an easier way to change the batteries and does not use sound to activate the hopper. Instead this hopper takes 6 AA batteries instead of the 4 the Invert TOO loader uses and uses an eye system to tell the hopper when to spin and when to not spin. We feel the Invert TOO loader is a better loader for the price.

#4 – Pinokio Read More Here

If you are looking for 400 rounds to hold in your hopper and want a hopper that pretty much never jams, check this Pinokio hopper system out!

#3 – Dye RotorColors Available Here

The Dye Rotor is the AK47 of paintball hoppers. This thing can be smashed, dropped and used in all conditions and will still function like a champ. This hopper overall is definitely one of the top 3 in the Top 10 Paintball Hoppers list due to its durability and ease of cleaning.

#2 – Empire Prophecy Z2Read More Here

The Empire Prophecy is known for being less expensive than the Rotor and Spire and lighter! If you aren’t looking to spend $200 on your hopper check out the Prophecy. This loader jams up less than any Rotor I have ever owned but is not made out of as durable plastics as the Spire or Rotor. This loader is also only available at this time in Camo, Black and White,

#1 – Virtue SpireColors Available Here

The Virtue Spire paintball hopper is one of the new kids on the block but has come with great performance. The Spire nearly NEVER jams up no matter how good or bad the quality paintballs you put in it. The hopper is also so easy to clean anyone can be taught how to take it apart and clean it in under a minute. Cleaning requires no tools at all and about 30 seconds of your time. It is available in nearly 20 different colors to match any set up you might already have. The hopper is sound activated which works perfect and has a ton of great features like turning the power button sound on or off and turning the LED light on and off for the players who play at NIGHT!

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