How do you become a professional paintball player?
If you’re curious on how to become a professional paintball player there’s a lot of research that really needs to be done, more than just being a good paintball player. The area in the country you play in has a lot to do with it. If you play at a local Paintball facility where there are other professional paintball players or another professional paintball teams than it may be very easy. If you live in a small city where you only have one local paintball field and then almost no teams the chances of you finding a professional paintball team are pretty small. Each person‘s path to become a professional Paintball player is different but also has a lot of similarities. The majority of the players that have become pro have typically work their way to through the ranks where they start at the lower entry level divisions playing a local tournament series and have slowly work their way up. No matter how good you think you are, when you try to step up to that level there’s a lot of that is learned, there are a lot of pros that learn still every event that they play.

10 Tips To Becoming a Professional Paintball Player
Number One – Play a lot of Paintball


Number Two – Always try to get better and be creative on how you play the game

Of course if you want to be a paintball player then you need to start by playing speedball type tournaments
Typically when you start out you will play three man tournament series which is the fundamental of all professional players

Number Three – Don’t expect to go pro your first year

Sometimes the sport may seem easy but they’re actually advanced tactics and strategies when playing at the professional level that you most likely haven’t ever considered.


Number Four – Watch as much professional paintball as you can

As you watch Paintball you’ll notice tendencies of different strategies and skills that each individual player hats if you can mimic this and understand why certain decisions on the paintball field during a certain time or made then you’ll grow faster as a player rather than just trying to learn it all on your own.


Number Five  – Don’t be afraid to ask questions

if there’s a local player at your pay will feel better is way better than you try to become friends with them paintball is an expensive sport so the more money you can save by learning fast the better off you’ll be in the end

Number Six – purchase reliable paintball gear no matter how good you think you are as a paintball player

If you get to the field and you’re trying to play in your equipment doesn’t work you will not be any good. I’m not saying you need to buy the best paintball gear that’s available on the market or the most expensive but one thing you have to do is you have to make sure that whenever it is time, your paintball actually shoots the paint out of it accurately and consistently.


Number Seven  – Be kind to the community as you grow up

In paintball there will be a ton of people that will help you without you asking. You need to make sure you are grateful for this as when you are older and you become an experienced player it’ll be your job to give back to the local community. Even if you don’t want to go pro or never make it pro, giving back to the Paintball community only helps it grow and makes everything better for everyone.


Number Eight – Take a vantage of local clinics by professional players

If your local paintball field is hosting a Paintball clinic by a professional baseball player I highly recommend to attend This this will give you some insight on how much you still need to grow and you will be able to meet this player and pick your brain on what you should work on to better your skills he’s pro player has its own strengths and weaknesses and by watching them you will learn very quickly on what is required of you to play at that level


Number Nine – Practice practice practice

A lot of people ask me what is the main difference between a professional player and everybody else. The main difference I feel is what I call your first ball accuracy. When a professional paintball player sees the target, either an arm or your elbow or  sees you stick your head out, that first ball or second ball is very accurate.  If you notice on the younger players they tend to shoot 10 to 20 Paintball‘s or a ton of paintballs at a small target as soon as they see it and they get excited and typically miss. If you can become a very accurate paintball player then you will get more kills, win more points which means win more matches which means you’re becoming a better paintball player.


Number Ten – Make It a Dream and Stick With It
Very rarely are people born and considered a professional at any type of sport or profession. Make sure you have realistic expectations and you work your butt off to achieve them. Do not give up on your dreams because somebody around you says that it is lame or it’s not worth it or you can’t do it. If you look at the Paintball industry there are hundreds of professional paintball players that have come and gone from all walks of life. Some people think you must have a lot of money to play professional Paintball or to play paintball that is not completely true.  If you take full advantage of the opportunities that you have to play paintball you will slowly work your way into the idea that you can be sponsored. This will make Paintball cheaper for you which allows you to play even more.  As you grow as a player and you treat others with respect you will be get better deals which also allows you an easier time to play more Paintball and increases your chances of playing as a professional in the future.


In the end if you really want to become a professional paintball player you need to believe it  and need to work hard at it. This will take time as some players do it in a few years while other players do it in 10 years.  Becoming a professional paintball player really depends on your circumstances and your location and how committed you are to exposing yourself to the rest of the Paintball world.  If you’re curious or have any questions about professional paintball you can email me or find me on Instagram or Facebook! My email is John at, you can find me on Facebook just search John Jackson or you can follow me on Instagram and message me directly on there at John Jackson_22.  Feel free to reach out to any Pro Paintball players as well, worst case they don’t reply best case you get your answer!

I wish you the best of luck in your journey to become a professional paintball player!

John Jackson

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