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The year 2012 is right around the corner and so is the world cup of paintball where all of the 2012 paintball guns will be released to the public!

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This year at the paintball world cup we know for sure that Planet Eclipse is not going to release any 2012 paintball guns, at least not like they usually do. Rumors are already spreading with the pictures being taken of a new middle of the road paintball gun being released from Europe where Planet Eclipse is based. The new Planet Eclipse Etha is supposed to be equivalent to the Etek 3, a lower priced gun based on their higher end Geo model. 2012 paintball guns, planet eclipse etha They announced in 2011 that they were going to begin releasing paintball guns every other year, this is going to allow them to do more research and development and not have to rush out a new paintball gun every year like they have in the past. With the way the economy has been over the past couple of years the larger paintball companies like DyeEmpire, and Planet Eclipse are finding ways to cut costs without the customer suffering.

Unlike Planet Eclipse, Dye Precision has not announced any changes to the way they are going to be releasing their 2012 paintball guns. Has is known for released some top notch gear every single year but with the slow times effecting everybody including some of the oldest paintball companies we are sure that changes will be made industry wide to help everyone stay a float.

Dye released the DYE NT in2010 and then released a new version in 2011 which does not look like it did very well. The gun was extremely efficient but seemed to have a few issues, once people found out the NT sales seemed to drop at least in our part of the country.


2012 Dye DM12 Paintball Gun- Graphite/Orange Polish
2012 Dye DM12 Paintball Gun- Red/ Orange Dust
2012 Dye DM12 Paintball Gun- PGA DyeCam Dust

Based on Dye’s past of releasing the DM series we can guess that their 2012 paintball markers, at least their DM line will look similar to their Dye DM 11.

At world Cup 2011, Dye released their 2012 and sure enough it kept a similar look to the Dye DM 11.

2012 paintball gun

As far as Empire goes, their new Empire AXE seems to be taking off quite nice and staying up there with the other popular high end guns.  Rumors were released from Pro along with an image or two of the new Empire Sniper Pump. Pump paintball has really taken off over the years because of everyone cutting back how much they spend on activities. Pump play is one of the most affordable ways to play paintball because most pump players won’t shoot more than 500 paintballs all day when they play unline speedball players who shoot 2000-4000 paintballs a day. One plus to this that pump players no longer have to find the cheapest paintballs because they spend a considerable amount less to play on a regular basis. With this said they can afford to spend more money per case of paintballs to get better performance out of their gun. Here is  the picture of the 2012 paintball gun that Empire is rumored to release.

2012 paintball guns

As far as anyone else releasing new guns, as of now there isn’t too much information available until next week. As always it is certain that their will be a large amount of 2012 paintball guns released but would have to guess the market is going to push the paintball companies to release paintball guns which are more affordable to the average players instead of the $1500.00 paintball guns that some insist on released… probably because we continue to buy them.


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