Vegas NXL 2017 Layout

With the first NXL event only weeks away, a ton of teams will be out this weekend at the local paintball field learning every detail they can about the new layout! 2017 is lining up to be one of the best years for paintball! More and more teams are building programs to bring more players up the ranks and so many roster changes happened coming into this year so the season should be a fun an interesting one to watch!
Vegas NXL 2017 Layout

If you are new to paintball or unfamiliar with tournament paintball and want to watch the events LIVE, be sure to take a look at! This website steams live so many of the big events with commentary and informative tutorials!


New for 2017 is the Under Armour Paintball sponsorship program! If your 3 man, 5 man or Scenario team are looking for new apparel and want to show your support for a huge company showing love to paintball, contact John Jackson with Pro Edge Paintball. This could turn out to be an amazing opportunity to grow paintball and get some real support behind us!

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