Have you finished up a tournament, looked at the score board and just asked yourself why your paintball team can’t win?

Well of course there are a million reasons why this could be and who am I to tell you exactly why that is but with over 10 years of national tournament experience I hope I can help you fix those issues and get closer to finishing at the top.

Most new teams that are starting up look immediately to the pro teams and say ohhh I want to be like them! That is awesome, everyone needs goals and needs to be ambitious but if you want your paintball team to win tournaments like the pro teams do you need to start from the bottom and claw your way to the top.

From my personal tournament experience and through coaching other teams over the years here are a few reasons your team most likely isn’t winning.

1. You and your team aren’t prepared, YET!

Do you guys practice paintball drills all day? Do you drill the right things? How do you know what to practice?

When my brother and I started our first 3 man team Organized Chaos we didn’t know what we were doing, no one does and that is okay.

If you want to start winning local 3-5 man entry level paintball tournaments this is what you should do. DRILL, DRILL, DRILL! Drill non stop gun skills. What I mean by this is this, make sure you are able to beat your opponents in a heads up battle. Most of your entry level tournaments are not won making insane dives, they are won heads up slowly. Get in a bunker against the BEST player you can find at the field and practice snap shooting and gun fighting with them non stop every single practice. Why not get good at the ONE thing you do more than ANYTHING else when in a tournament. This same rule applies to all players all the way up the division level even to pro. If a player can’t beat his opponent heads up, and you have a team of those players who can’t beat their opponents heads up they will lose 99% of their games. Don’t spend hours practicing bunkering drills just yet, you have to stay a live heads up long enough to make it that far down the field!

Know the field with your eyes closed! The best players on the sport can tell you every bunker on the field and usually what that bunker can control on the field. This allows them to make moves and get kills from every spot they go to no matter the situation. This includes knowing your opponents side of the field from your side of the field. Don’t just look at the field up to the 50 yard line or half field, one game you will have to go onto their side to get that important kill, make sure you know those spots as well!

2. You and your team don’t scout other teams, YET!

The best thing someone showed me to do to win more games is to scout the other teams. Most new teams have one game plan and they stick to it! In a 3 man tournament you have only so many options when it comes to how your team is going to break out so scout your opponents. Take a note pad, draw the field you are playing on and for each team you are going to play and put a 1 for their first game break outs, a 2 for their second and so on! If you find a bunker that their slowest player goes to every time and you think you can shoot him before he gets there then awesome, do it! Any edge you can get over your opponent will help you get one step closer to winning.

One team I scouted had beat us so many times before we did not look forward to ever playing them again. At one event in Chicago I noticed that their players only shot right handed off break (the first 5 seconds of the game). This allowed us to take the furthest possible bunkers off break against them, as long as we did it on their left side of the field. Sure enough we ended up beating this team 4-1, the best we had ever beat them!

3. You and your team don’t have the experience, YET!

Over time you will learn more and more as long as you don’t give up! Play, Watch and Learn from every game, every tournament and every video you can watch.

Very few players wake up one day, grab a paintball gun and are amazing at it so don’t get discouraged. Just because you don’t agree with the way another player thinks doesn’t mean they are wrong or you are right. In paintball different opinions can help you build some of the best strategies so keep an open mind, soak up every ounce of experience you can and apply it to each game you play.



If you are in need of guidance and are looking for a great paintball training video to check out, take a look at the Oliver Lang Principles of Paintball. I have personally purchase this DVD and was happy with quality and amount of information it taught.
The DVD covers the two most important skills for all players, shooting off break and snap shooting in addition to half a dozen others.

I hope this article has helped you, stay positive and please share this article with friends! If you have any questions please email me at John @ Pro Edge Paintball dot com.

Play Paintball!

John Jackson – Team VCK

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