Shipping now is  is the all new HK Army Zero G Paintball harness and it’s available in three very popular colors. The HK Zero G paintball harness produced by HK Army is the latest style of paintball harness. The main difference between this paintball harness and the typical paintball harness is that this paintball pack does not have straps to hold your pods in place. This will allow the paintball player to put the pods back into their pack very quick and very easy while also allowing them to pull the pods out even easier.

This does bring a couple concerns for most players though. The main concern is the fact that without straps to hold your pods in, the lids will be able to open easier on your pods if you bump them or slide into a bunker. With this in mind, we suggest looking into the strongest pods that have the strong lids to make sure your pods don’t open while playing. The two pod systems we recommend are the Dye Loc Lid Paintball pod and the Proto Alpha paintball pod. These two paintball pods offer very strong lids that will help keep your paintballs from spilling on the ground during game play.

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