Azodin Blitz Manual

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The Azodin Blitz paintball gun is currently the best paintball gun under $200. If you are wanting more information on the Azodin Blitz visit the manufacturers website. Azodin The Azodin Blitz paintball gun is a reliable, easy to clean paintball gun that has semi auto, psp mode and psp ramping at a higher rate of fire than your typical 12.5 BPS. There is only a few o rings on the Azodin Blitz allowing it to be extremely simple to keep clean and to repair if needed.

The Azodin Blitz takes a normal non rechargeable 9 volt battery making it easy to replace if you are out at the paintball field and your battery dies. There are many upgrades available for the Blitz through a handful of aftermarket companies. Some of these upgrades increase the efficiency of the Azodin Blitz even though out of the box the Blitz is fairly efficient especially for your typical paintball player.

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