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The Azodin Kaos paintball gun is one of the best paintball guns in the industry for that price. With the many different colors the paintball gun is available in from Azodin Paintball, the gun caters to a very large crowd of players in the industry. With a lot of new players looking for a great beginner gun, the Azodin Kaos is at the top of the list when it comes to price, performance and reliability.

The Azodin Kaos paintball gun is based very closely to the Spyder paintball guns which have been around for over 15 years in the paintball world. Azodin however took the basic design of the Spyder one step further. The Azodin Kaos barrel threads are the same threads as the older well known paintball gun “Autococker”. This thread style for the barrel is now the most prominent thread style in the paintball industry making the Azodin Kaos a better choice for a player who may want to upgrade their gun soon and not have to purchase another barrel just because they changed guns.


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