Before deciding the best Azodin Kaos upgrades, try to think about which upgrades are going to actually let you perform better and do better in the games!
The number one upgrade I recommend is the CP 1 piece 14 inch barrel!
5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Custom Products Barrel-
1. Huge increase in accuracy from the stock barrel.
2. Longer barrel which will assist in shooting longer distances.
3. Best performing barrel on the market for the money.
4. Increased porting on the barrel will make the Kaos more quiet.
5. Custom Products barrels are one of the most well known brands.
This barrel has a history of increased accuracy which is going to allow you to eliminate more players by being a better shot. This barrel is also considered the best barrel for the money out of nearly all of the barrels on the market today. The increase porting (holes near the tip of the barrel) will make your Azodin Kaos more quiet. This barrel is available in 12, 14 or 16 inches in length but the most popular length is 14 inches.



The second upgrade I recommend is the Custom Products 1 piece 14 inch barrel!
5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Jt Revolution Hopper
1. Battery powered loader to help feed paintballs, quick! No more hopper shaking!
2. Only $42.95 for a great, reliable loader, instead of $100+ on  overkill.
3. This loader is very light weight and has a simple design, nothing too fancy.
4. Extremely easy to clean due to it’s large opening to load your paintballs.
5. Very efficient battery life, no need to change your batteries  weekly.
This hopper has been around paintball for over 15 years! The design behind this loader has been used by all types of players and was THE loader used by the Pros 10+ years ago. It is now a very reliable, light weight and inexpensive loader that will do everything your Azodin Kaos will need to. It feeds up to 10-12 balls per second perfect for the Kaos.



The third Azodin Kaos upgrade is more of a product to protect the life of your Kaos instead of increasing it’s performance. The Gen x Padded Gun Case is a light weight, extremely inexpensive carrying case that will fit all of your upgrades and accessories except for your air tank and mask!



One of the most popular and most recommended upgrades would be a compressed air or HPA air tank. If you are currently using a CO2 air tank you will notice that sometimes your Kaos gets very cold when you are shooting constantly. This is due to the type of air you are using. If you decided to use HPA/Compressed air the benefits of switching are very clear.

1. HPA is more clean for your Azodin Kaos and will make the o-rings last longer.

2. The HPA air tanks are much easier to refill when at the paintball parks, sometimes you are able to refill them yourselves instead of waiting in long lines for the Co2 Refills.

3. HPA will make your shots more consistent. CO2 tanks are not regulated, this means the pressures going into your Kaos will go up and down depending on the temperature and the amount of CO2 remaining in your tank. HPA air tanks however have a regulator on them which controls the pressure going into your paintball gun. This keeps the pressure a consistent 850 PSI which means your shots will be more consistent and more accurate.

The recommended brand would be the Ninja Paintball air tanks. They are the most reliable overall and very affordable compared to the competition.



I hope this article has helped you get started upgrading your Azodin Kaos! If you have any questions  email me at John at Pro Edge Paintball dot com!

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