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As most players know when you first get started into playing, when a paintball hits skin it hurts a little bit.
One of the most important accessories you can buy when you’re first getting started in paintball is Paintball gloves to protect your hands.

Paintball glove don’t  have to be expensive but it does need to make sure it covers up the skin on her hand, at least to the knuckles.
There are quite a few options you can look at when purchasing paintball gloves but here are some options that you would not think of that are inexpensive but will still get the job done!

Best Paintball Glove- Choice #3 – See More Options Here

One of the least expensive ways to get Paintball gloves is the purchase workout gloves or something similar. Workout gloves cover the majority of the hand all the way down to the knuckles
The reason you don’t need full finger gloves when looking for paintball gloves is that your hands are typically gripping the paintball marker and so your fingers are curved around so the only part of your hand it’s actually exposed or just your knuckles all the way to your wrist.

If you’re looking something that flexes and isn’t real rigid , this glove will be great for you as our next glove as a little more durable and a little more heavy duty for protection


Best Paintball Glove- Choice #2 – See More Options Here

Your next step up from just a workout gloves is a heavier duty glove that’s made to stand up to crawling in the woods and getting really dirty.
This glove is going to cost you a little bit more but do everything you need it to do.
The glove that we recommend is going to be a half finger gloves with a heavier duty palm but this one actually has a hard plastic covering for your knuckles on the back of your hand.
This glove is specifically made for Paintball and has been around for probably 20 years or so. It’s very inexpensive but going to do everything you need it to do.
I would highly recommend to get your child or a smaller person or your girlfriend these gloves if it’s their first time playing.
Luckily this glove is very inexpensive so you’re able to purchase a pair or two to make sure that they last or you have an extra pair just in case they wear out.

Best Paintball Glove- Choice #1 – See More Options Here

The Last glove that we recommend is a very high-end but very low priced glove. This glove has very hard knuckles and has extremely durable palms. This paintball glove is going to give you more protection all the way around especially when you’re going through the brush or crawling through the woods. If you like to be able to fill the trigger of your paintball marker a little better we recommend that you cut the first finger off between halfway or a quarter way on your index finger or even your middle finger if you shoot with both.

This glove is by far my favorite! It is a little more expensive but this glove is going to do everything you need it to no matter you’re playing style or conditions.
I think they look great and they seem to be a knock off of the Oakley glove that sells anywhere from $75-$150 depending on where you look


Overall when you’re shopping for your paintball glove any of the ones we listed above will do. All of these have a four star or better rating on Amazon so you know that you’re getting at a quality product for a good price.

As you play you’ll learn a little more of what you need from your equipment and your gear this will include your gloves.
Some players that always play right-handed will typically get shot in the left hand more or vice versa if there left handed as your least dominant hand is typically in the front holding the paintball gun. Some people will choose to only wear one glove which is completely okay if that is what you like!

I hope this article helped you in your buying decision. Below are two more paintball gloves for your consideration. These area little more heavy duty and much cooler looking!
As always thank you for reading this article if you have any questions you can email me directly at John at Pro Edge Paintball .com or can give my store a call and any of my employees can help you out at 713-896-8841!

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