The best high end paintball guns are usually made by the leading manufacturers in the industry. Dye Precision, Planet Eclipse and Empire are just a few to list.

After working in the paintball field and store industry for over 10 years now, I am asked on a weekly basis , ” What makes a paintball gun cost $1500″ or “Why does that paintball marker cost $1000”? The majority of these individuals are parents or newer players getting into our awesome sport and this is a hard question to answer.

The best way to explain to them why one is worth more than the others is honestly to just show them. Put the best high end paintball guns side by side with your entry to mid level paintball guns and let them hold them, you usually will see the light bulb go on and then the “OHHHHHHH” response.

Below is a list and brief review of the best high end paintball guns  currently available.


#1 Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 


The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 paintball gun is by far the most advanced high end paintball gun in the industry. After actually using the Eclipse LV1 the most characteristic of the paintball gun that stands out has got to be, well actually two things. One, the weight of the gun is so incredibly light which will allow you to be more comfortable for a longer period of time in the game and two, the fact that on one single air tank refill you can shoot nearly a full case of paintballs without re filling (2000 paintballs!)

The feel of the LV1 is clearly designed to fit your hands comfortably. The LV1 comes with a 14 inch barrel (Shaft 4 Barrel Kit) right out of the box that has a reputation for amazing accuracy.  

The LV1 also has a small screen read out on the back of where you hold the gun, this allows for you to be able to see everything that is going on with your paintball gun as it happens. If you want to change the firing mode to full auto, bam you are able to do it within a few seconds and no confusion. If you want to make sure you clean your LV1 after every 5000 shots, it has a shot counter as well. If you are the type of person that likes to customize your gear, you can also change the Welcome screen on your read out when you power your LV1 on.

All of these features are of course in addition to the outstanding performance on the field that the LV1 offers. Incredible rates of fire, smooth firing, extremely quiet all wrapped up in its metal, hard case that the LV1 comes in.

For the price of roughly $1300, you can’t find better performance, look and feel from any other platform in the sport.

If you like the sound of the Planet Eclipse Ego LV1, take a look at the other colors available here.


#2 Dye DM 14


Comparing the Dye DM 14 paintball gun to the Eclipse LV1 is a pretty big step side ways. The Dye DM 14 has one of the most sleek designs in addition to some of the best color schemes and graphics available on a paintball gun.

As far as performance and feel goes it is just an incredibly designed piece of work. The rubber grips front and back are contoured to  fit your hands, small or large. The grips have a great feature of being able to be taken off in the need of changing a battery without any tools, which works great when you are at the paintball field between games and your group is heading out quickly.

The DM 14 does fire a little more smooth than the LV1 but mainly because of the internal design being a different method used to fire the paintball. This paintball gun is quite a bit less efficient than the Ego LV1 due to the different firing system it uses.

The most famous feature that the Dye DM series of paintball guns are known for us the Ultralite grip. If you were to hold the DM 14 compared to any other marker, you would notice that the Dye paintball guns have a thinner handle or grip where you hold the gun. This allows for more players to be comfortable using it no matter if you are 10 years old with small hands or a guy that is 6 foot 7, the DM 14’s design is probably the best design for more players than any other marker out there.

The DM 14 also comes with a barrel system that is known world wide for being one of the most accurate barrels every made, the Dye Ultralite barrel. It comes in your standard (and what most pro players recommend) length of 14 inches.

The DM 14 comes with a very nice cloth zipper carrying case, not as heavy duty or secure as the LV1 but definitely a nice feature.

If you are the player who likes a sexy hot rod of a paintball gun, the Dye DM14 is for you, take a look at the colors available here.






As with any review, others will disagree. Of course there are other high end paintball guns that companies sell, the two listed above have the best, hands down most reputable histories of performance and design for over 5 years and no one in the industry will tell you they expect it to change any time soon.


Stick with BIG name brands

Make sure the companies can supply your local store with parts QUICKLY, all paintball guns need maintenance. Try buying a car you can ONLY order parts from Japan and they take a month to arrive, now tell me how you would feel if your paintball gun had the same issue.

Take care of your high end, if you do it will last you forever!

These are the best high end paintball guns at least in my opinion and from my experience.


I hope this article will help you decide on which high end you would like to go with! If you have any questions please email me any time at John @ Pro Edge Paintball dot com. 

Play Paintball!
John Jackson

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