If you own your own paintball gun and are looking for something to help improve the performance, finding the best paintball barrel for your gun is the fastest and in most cases the most affordable way to do so. (Below is my top 5 barrels list)

Paintball Barrels all have something unique about them but finding the best paintball barrel really comes from trial and error over time of testing different barrels. With over 10 years of paintball playing experience I have personally tried quite a few of barrels.

Here is a list of my top 5 barrels to check out!
(I am considering the best accuracy keeping price also in kind.)

Top 5 Single Barrels-Read More Information
1. J&J Ceramic 14 inch .689 Price- $40-$50 – READ MORE
2. Deadly Wind NULL 14 inch .689 $60.00 – READ MORE
3. CP One Piece 14 inch .689 $35.00 – READ MORE
4. Flatline (Tippmann owners) & Apex 2 $50-$80 – READ MORE
5. Dye BoomStick (Autococker Threaded) $159.95 – READ MORE

Top 5 Barrel Kits-Read More Information


1. J&J Ceramic Edge Barrel Kit (Most Threads) $100.00 – READ MORE
2. Dye Ultralite (Most Threads) $100.00+ – READ MORE
3. Hammer Head $100.00 – READ MORE
4. Dye CF Boomstick (Autococker Threaded) $159.95 – READ MORE
5. CP Barrel Kit (All Gun Threads) $109.95 – READ MORE


best paintball barrel dye boomstick

Depending in the type of paint you shoot will also determine your accuracy. Let’s say you bought a $150 barrel but bought the cheapest paintballs you could find… Your performance will still be horrible. It is highly recommended to purchase some sort of upgraded paintballs if you want to see true good performance out of your gear! You don’t have to buy the best paintball barrel or the best paintballs but a middle of the road upgrade on both will really improve your accuracy on the field.

The best paintball barrel in paintball really comes down to which type of paintball player you are and what kind of paintballs you shoot out of your paintball marker. When in search for the best paintball be sure to do quite a bit of  research before making the purchase. Stop by your local paintball store or paintball  field and ask around, get a feel for your  fellow paintball players opinions on the barrels that they are using. After a few weekends of research, you will most likely find which is really the best paintball barrel out there for your needs. At that point see if someone you know will let you test out this barrel. What better way to see if you really like the barrel you are about the purchase than to test it out with the paintballs and the gun you already own?

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