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Are you wondering what the best paintball gun in paintball is? Well to be honest this is mainly up to your preference but here is what I think is currently the best paintball gun in the paintball industry.


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The best paintball gun as of September 6, 2011 has got to be the Empire Axe.The reason why I would suggest the Empire Axe paintball gun as being the best paintball gun in the industry is due to the qual, rate of fire, design, comfort and on top of everything the incredibly affordable price.

Best 2012 Paintball Gun

When the Empire Axe was released plenty of people were skeptical because of the price and the fact the gun was designed around the Invert Mini. The Invert mini was a less expensive paintball gun that has been around for a number of years with great success but seen as a lower to middle level paintball gun.



After KEE Action Sports the owner of the Empire Paintball brand released the gun, they did something no other paintball company has done. KEE took about 20 national level Scenario and Tournament style teams and put the Empire Axe in their guns to get the word out. Within no time the Empire Axe was a huge success with every player looking to trade or buy an Axe for themselves.

Luckily for Pro Edge Paintball, a paintball store in Houston, Tx we became part of their demo program,a program where stores were given a loner to let customers try out. In addition our Division 1 PSP Team VCK was given the opportunity to represent Empire Paintball as one of their “Axe Teams”.


With both of these opportunities we have been shooting the Empire Axe since February 2011 and have been extremely satisfied with the guns.


Empire Axe Pros-

Starting price when released and for most of 2011- $459.95

Extremely flat shot, very little arch

Quiet overall shot

Little Kick

More efficient than 75% of the high end guns out there.

Quick release bolt system to literally clean the entire inside of the gun in 10 seconds, no tools.

Hose less bottom line, no issues with small hose leaks


Empire Axe Cons-

Only comes in 3 colors from Empire (As of September 6 2011) Black, Earth, Graphite

Not the most comfortable grips but for the first year of the gun being out I am sure they will make changes.

Non adjustable bottom line to make the gun shorter or longer based on your arm length

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the Empire Axe Manual.

Overall once you get the Empire Axe in your hands and shoot it you will most likely agree with the majority of the players out there that the Empire Axe is the best paintball gun out there especially when considering the $459.95 price tag and the fact the Empire Axe is competitive if not a better value than most of the $1000+ guns.


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