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Choosing the best paintball mask is one of the most important paintball gear purchases you will ever make. No matter what mask you purchase you will want to make sure that the paintball mask you purchase is going to last you a while.

TOP 5 Best Paintball Masks

1. Proto EL Switch Mask– Read More Here

Pros-  Best mask for the price, fits all sizes, upgrades lens available

Cons- Does not come with a fog proof lens

2.Empire E-Flex– Read More Here

Pros- Extremely Comfortable, Best Foam, Fits larger heads, Does not Fog Up

Cons- No Visor, Might be too large for smaller heads

3.Dye I4 Masks– Read More Here

Pros- Extremely Comfortable, Fits Children’s heads GREAT,  Does not Fog Up

Cons- Is too small for most adults

4. Sly Profit Masks– Read More Here

Pros- Offers incredible protection all around the face and head, foam on inside is very soft, great range of vision

Cons- Some do not like the ear protection because it touches your ears

5. JT  Flex 8 Full Head Shield Mask– Read More Here

Pros- Most protective mask on the market, very comfortable and does not fog

Cons- Gets a little hot due to the full head protections

best paintball mask When making this purchase be sure to actually try on the mask in order to see if the mask fits comfortably. Normally the best paintball mask for you is going to be the one that calls your name when you put it on. There is nothing worse than not trying on a mask, wearing it to the paintball field and after only a few minutes of wearing it, it begins to rub on your face wrong or you don’t feel like you can breathe well in it. What is recommended is to check out the paintball store in your area and see if they have a large selection of paintball masks. At first glance you will think all masks are the same and will ask for the cheapest paintball mask available but this isn’t really what you want to do. Before asking someone what the best paintball mask in the store is I would ask the employee at the paintball store what they think would be the best mask for you to check out based on your level experience or lack of experience in the sport. Make sure the employee explains the difference between the low end and high end paintball masks that they have in stock, just because it is a paintball store does not mean they will have a large selection or carry paintball masks that are high quality.

To be as helpful as possible, here is a video from Mike at TechPB showing off a large selection of some of the best paintball masks in the industry.

Here are the steps to purchasing your first paintball mask goggles-Step 1: Try on 5 different masksStep 2: Tighten each mask as if you were really going to wear themStep 3 : Insure they fit snugly and are still comfortableStep 4: Insure the lens in the mask is a thermal lens (dual lens), not just an anti fog lensStep 5: Insure the mask actually covers the important parts of your head and face.paintball mask best





Step 6: Insure the parts of the mask can be replaced if they wear out of break.

Step 7: Don’t settle for a cheap mask, if you need to save up money for a while do it or you will regret it.

Step 8: Check to see if the mask comes with a visor and a goggle bag, the nicer ones usually do.

Step 9: Make sure the mask is the color,size, shape you want and otherwise meets your expectations:

Step 10: Buy the best paintball mask for you!



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