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If you are wondering which paintball knee pads are the best, take a look as we review some of the latest paintball knee pads.  Paintball knee pads come in all shapes, sizes and most importantly different prices. We have checked out a variety of paintball knee pads over the last few year of playing local and national tournaments along with local paintball scenario games. Before we go into which pads we found to be the best, here are a few tips for choosing which paintball knee pads will best suite your needs the best.

Tips for choosing.-

1- Most important tip of all, try the paintball knee pads on. If they don’t fit right, you won’t be happy with them guaranteed.

2- Insure the knee pads offer plenty of knee support in addition to padding.

3- Read reviews on the knee pads, ensure the knee pads have good reviews and have been used by others.

If you were to ask someone who has worn paintball knee pads for many years my first suggestion would be to spend a little more money up front on a nice pair of knee pads. A lot of people will buy cheap knee pads then complain when they slide down, fall off, rip or just don’t work. If you honestly expect great performance from any item be sure to not go cheap on product.

Top 3 Best Paintball Knee Pads

1. Dye Core Knee Pads –  Read MORE HERE

2. Planet Eclipse Knee Pads Read MORE HERE

3. Empire Paintball Knee Pads Read MORE HERE

I personally have worn the Dye knee pads I own for over 6 years now. i would have to recommend that the Dye paintball knee pads are the Best Paintball Knee Pads I purchased my Dye knee pads from Dye Precision when I went to take a tech certification class for the Dye Dm4 (March 2004). Ever since then I have practiced nearly every weekend or every other weekend along with playing in 5-10 tournaments each year. I mostly play a middle position on the field sometimes playing snake and sometimes playing on my feet instead. The knee pads have received a ton of wear and tear but after you wash them they are good as new!

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