Bob Long Alias Manual

The Bob Long Alias manual explains everything there is to know about the Bob Long Alias paintball gun. For more information you can visit Bob Long Direct. The sleek design of the Bob Long Alias paintball gun gives it a great look and is light weight. The Bob Long Alias is one of the most popular Bob Long paintball guns ever sold. The Bob Long Alias is very efficient and easy to use. It comes stock with the Frenzy board with the screen on the side of the grip making it very easy to change the modes and settings on the Bob Long Alias. The dwell setting on the Bob Long Alias should be about 8.5 and the LPR about 85 PSI. If you can keep the Bob Long Alias very clean and keep fresh o rings on the paintball gun you will be able to lower your LPR and Dwell settings offering a softer shot and making the Bob Long Alias more efficient. The Bob Long Alias is no longer made but can still be found fairly easily on Ebay or other used gear sites.

(Admin Notes Page #1 5 12/12/11)

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