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The BT Tm15 is one of the latest hits for 2011 and 2012. With BT releasing their Limited Edition BT TM 15 this year the TM 15 has really sky rocketed in popularity. With a few changes, the BT TM 15 can now be easily disassembled, cleaned, repairs and back quickly so that if you do not need to clean your paintball gun at the field you don’t miss too many games!

Some of the features on the BT TM 15 include-

-Select fire switch allowing the BT TM15 to shoot different modes with just a flip of your thumb.

– Shorter shroud to allow for the Apex 2 barrel to fit on and look great.

-Adjustable car stock that looks very nice on the BT TM 15’s already sleek looking design.

BT Tm 15 Manual

The BT 15 is capable of high rates of fire in addition to just semi auto. The barrel threading on this paintball gun is autococker threading which is one of the most popular and easiest to find threads in the paintball industry.


One of the best upgrades you can make to the BT TM 15 is the Empire Relay on off. This will allow the Tm 15 to have an on/off on your air tank. You will now be able to leave your air tank hooked up to your gun without the pressure inside of the bottle actually flowing through your TM, wearing out seals faster.

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