Looking for the cheapest paintballs available?

If you are in search for the cheapest paintballs be sure to remember you will not find very good quality in which ever brand you may find. When searching for the cheapest paintballs you are going to find that most places will want to sell you paintballs that have been damanged somehow or are extremely old. The older the paintballs usually the worse they will shoot but if you are looking for just something to shoot in the back yard at the trees or something to test fire your paintball gun then by all means go with the cheapest paintballs out there. One thing to keep in mind however, if you are trying to find the cheapest paintballs out there to play with please take others into consideration. The cheaper the paintballs typically the harder the shell, means the more they hurt. have you ever been shot and the ball bounced but it seemed like it hurt more than normal? When this type of thing happens it is usually caused by extremely cheap paintballs or really old paintballs.

Here is a quick video tip when buying paintballs!

To help you in the search for the cheapest paintballs here are a few things to help you out.

-Be sure to give your local paintball pro shop a call. Some paintball stores carry 2nds paint or paintballs that the manufacturer has to move quickly. This could be because it is the wrong color or is close to being too old to be any good and this is good for you!

-Open the paintballs before you buy them. Be sure to check the bags of paintballs, it is always a pain when you buy paintballs, and take them home to find broken paintballs in the bag.

-Most of the cheapest paintballs come in a box with either no label on it or in a white white or in a box labeled seconds. This is usually not what you want to see but if you are truly looking for the cheapest paintballs available this is what I would look for.

cheapest paintballs







-Buy broken paintballs! In nearly every shipment to your local paintball store there is broken cases of paint or broke bags of paint. Sometimes this occurs in shipping or in transit into the store but either way this paint can’t be sold for full price so be sure to ask your paintball store for their cheapest paintballs and if they have any broken bags you could purchase to clean off for yourself.

-Other places to look include your large box office stores. These guys couldn’t care less about the quality of the paintballs as long as the customer buys them so be sure to stop by your local sporting goods store to see what thye have in stock.

-Paintballs come in all different colors and designs. Usually the better paintballs have a better looking shell on the outside and have a larger fill on the inside. The cheapest paintballs for sale will have a harder shell and less of a fill on the inside. Usually the cheapest paintballs will hurt more when you shoot someone with them mainly because the cheaper the paintballs the harder the shell and the less likely the shell is to break anywhere but on the seem of where the two shells are put together.

cheapest paintballs







-In the end, it is recommended to at least try out one bag of 500 paintballs of a middle grade ball. Once you see the different from the cheapest paintballs to the more expensive ones it will be hard to go back to shooting the cheapest paintballs out there. The better paintballs shoot straighter, further and break easier on your target allowing you to eliminate more opponents, winning more games!


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