Colored Smoke Bombs are the new thing! With 9 colors to choose from, the Enola Gaye colored smoke bombs are amazing for photo shoots, music videos, gender reveals, football and soccer games! If you are looking to support your favorite sports team, the colored smoke bombs are perfect to draw attention and to make a statement! The smoke grenades are available in nine different colors. Currently there are red smoke bombs, pink smoke bombs, blue and purple smoke bombs, yellow and orange smoke bombs along with white,grey and green smoke bombs. If you are trying to use these for a gender reveal the red and pink smoke looks great for a girl and the blue smoke is very vibrant and perfect if you’re having a boy!

Below is a video of the Enola Gaye Colored Smoke bombs in action! Each color does last a little shorter or longer than the other. There are also one sides smoke bombs and double sides smoke bombs. The double sided or “Burst Smoke Grenades” last about 35-45 seconds while the “Wire Pull Smoke Bombs” last closer to 60 to 90 seconds.

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