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dye dm12 manual

The Dye DM 12 is the latest creation from Dye Precision for 2012! The DM 12 still uses the same matrix technology as they have before but with the best looking designs and a few tweaks to make this DM the best gun from Dye to date! The body of the DM 12 has windows cut through the gun with the bolt being used for the different color accents on the body of the gun. The new bolt system allows for a magnetic tool less bolt removal! The back cap of the bolt looks normal like any other Dye gun but if you grab the back cap of the bolt on the DM 12 you can pull it out and use it to take out the bolt effortlessly. Dye Precision may be one of the highest prices gun dealers in the paintball industry but at no point can you say they do not make quality products. From the pictures shown here of the Dye DM 12, you can see how the Dye design crew has put in time and effort to make these some of the best if not THE best Dye paintball guns ever produced.

dye dm 12 manual










dye dm 12 manual







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