The Dye Dm 14 Paintball gun is here! Take a look below at our Dye Dm 14 Paintball Gun Review. The new look of the DM 14 really catches your eye for all of the Dye fans out there. The paintball gun is now completely macro less with a great feature of a move able air on/off unlike the majority of the hose less guns out there. The bolt system is also tool less where you can lube and repair your bolt system now without using a single tool. The bolt system is removable through a push button on the side of the back of the bolt. The new Dye Dm 14 is by far the most advanced Dye paintball gun that has ever been released! The bolt system has also been modified to increase the efficiency giving you over 9 – 140 round pods per 68 4500 air tank.

Take a look at the ALL NEW Dye DM 14 Paintball Gun Here on Pro Edge

The Dye DM 14 paintball gun is also a longer version of all Dye guns up to this point. This gives it a similar feel to the Luxe and the older style Bob Long paintball guns that most players really like and find very comfortable. The DM still uses last years eye pipe system which seems to still work how it is supposed to.

One of the best features of the new Dye paintball gun for the tech guys out there is the fact that Dye decided to go back to the same solenoid that they used in the Dye Dm 7! This solenoid is one of the most durable solenoids they have ever put in a paintball gun. It is sleek and very reliable and has been used in over 3 different models of their older style  guns. With all of the great new features of the Dye Dm 14 Paintball gun I really think you will see an increase of the Dye paintball guns back out on the field, taking away a little of the market share from Luxe, Empire and Planet Eclipse.

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