Dye Dm13 Manual HERE
(This manual is the 2012 manual. Nothing was changed on the 2012 DM internals compared to the 2013 DM internals)

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Rumors have it (as they do every year since 2004) that Dye is releasing a new gun for 2013. The question is, is it going to be another Matrix style gun or are they working on a new bolt system to replace the NT series?
Better yet, are they working on both to release for 2013?

Paintball Gun Manuals.com has been lead to believe that at least one of the guns being released for 2013 has a new bolt system that Dye has been testing all season. Based on the Professional team The Ironmen’s performance, the new bolt system is working great!

Stay tuned for more information as we will post pictures at the 2012 PSP world cup when these new items are released.

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