Dye DM9 Manual

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The Dye Dm9 paintball gun by Dye Precision was one of the best shooting guns of 2009. With the bolt system similar to every other DM series gun with a few updates of course, this paintball gun shot very smooth and quiet. dye dm9 manualThe DM series guns were known for being soft on paint and very quiet and the Dye DM9 did not disappoint. The Dye Dm9 like the Dm guns before it offered the fairly new “Eye Pipe” system which helped prevent the eye sensors inside of the gun from getting dirty. This feature was a big help as many would soon see. The one downside the Dm9 seemed to have was it had a little more kick than most of the other DM paintball guns. Due to the shorter body style, the bolt on the inside of the DM9 had to shorter which seemed to have an effect on how smooth the bolt moved forward and back. Some said the smaller the bolt the faster the bolt would move forward and backwards which increased the kick felt by the user. The Dye Dm9 was by far one of the best looking Dye guns to date.

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