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The Dye Rotor Loader is the best loader in the paintball industry by far. This loader when released took the industry by surprise. The latest technology developed by Dye Precision in their top secret labs has raised the standards for the loader expectations in the paintball world.

dye rotor manual This new paintball loader only uses 3 double A batteries to power the loader for over 40,000 shots, or 20 cases of paintballs. For your average paintball player this means you could play one time a month for a year and a half and not have to replace the batteries. Not only is Dye Rotor extremely efficient on battery life but the loader also offers the most durable material ever used when producing a paintball loader. This loader is nearly indestructible in almost every situation you can put it through. The Dye Rotor is also known for it’s extremely high feed rate with videos from Dye showing in slow motion that the Dye Rotor can feed and be used on a working paintball gun feeding 40 balls per second. This loader can be taken apart in less than 10 seconds and put back together just as quickly.


Here are the Top 5 Features-

1- Quick Dissasembly

2- Easy On Batteries

3- Most Durable Material

4- Available in 10+ Colors

5.- Fastest feed rate in paintball


Dye Rotor Video

Dye Rotor Upgrades-

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