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The Empire Axe paintball gun is one the latest big hits to be launched in the paintball industry in 2011. This paintball gun is launched based off the Invert Mini paintball gun from Empire Paintball. The Invert Mini is one of the most popular paintball guns in the industry to date leaving a lot for the Axe to live up to. Luckily the Empire Axe as seen in the Empire Axe Manual above is a redesigned, for the better, paintball gun than the Invert Mini. Empire Paintball used the best features of the Invert Mini and put them on the Axe along with some other solid ideas taken from other leading companies in the industry. If you are trying to compare the two guns, be sure to visit the Invert Mini Manual and the Empire Axe Manual pages. You can clearly see how close the two paintball guns are to being the same.

One great thing that Empire did when they released this new gun for 2011 was they started a demo program for a handful of their accounts. If you would like to test out the Empire Axe before making the purchase, visit your local paintball store to see if they are apart of the Empire Demo Program.


If anyone is interesting in seeing how easy the Empire Axe is cleaned please take a look at the video below, it will show you what you will learn in the Empire Axe Manual but videos seem to make the process easier for most to understand.

A few features of the Empire Axe that a lot of the paintball players like are the new flip lever on/off system, a huge upgrade from the Invert Mini and the push button release for the bolt system. This push button system can be seen in the Empire Axe Manual and if you look closely you can see how simple the idea is but this feature allows for the bolt assembly to be able to be removed out of the rear of the gun without a single tool. This allows less down time for the player if you do have any technical issues with the Empire Axe on or off the paintball field.


One of the best upgrades to come from Empire for the Invert Mini and the Empire Axe is the Empire Axe Redline Forgrip Upgrade. This new forgrip has a small screen on the forgrip allowing for the user to change the settings without memorizing each color like other paintball gun board upgrades require. With a small joy stick on the grip and a nicely machined new grip style, the Empire Redline Forgirp has been a popular hit for Empire Axe owners.

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