The Empire Axe paintball marker has taken the paintball world by storm. From our Empire Axe Review you will see how the Empire Axe is one of the latest and greatest paintball guns since October 2011 the market for high end paintball guns has definitely changed. Years ago all high end guns and high performing guns were priced well over $1000. Now days, you may not get all of the bells and whistles that the $1000+ guns come with but as far as reliability and performance you most definitely get a top notch, quality paintball gun for $500.

Some features you will find in the Empire Axe that you won’t find with most other paintball guns is the Empire Relay On/OFF, the quick release bolt system and the trigger that comes stock with ball bearings!

The Empire Relay On/Off system is a quick release lever that turns the air on and off going into your Empire Axe. This allows for you to leave your air tank screwed into your gun at all times while keeping your set up together instead of having to break it down every time you are done playing. Also, when you turn the quick release lever off, the air that is already inside of your Empire Axe will then be released through the vent hole in the Empire Relay On/Off system. You can see how this works by viewing the Empire Axe Manual

The Empire Axe Quick Release bolt system is one of the best features ever released on a paintball gun. With the Empire Axe bolt system being a quick release, you are able to remove the bolt system, clean it, re lube or repair it with ease. In some cases, if a player has to clean out their breach in the middle of the game, the player can turn the air off on the Empire Axe (using the Empire Relay On/Off), pull the bolt system out in seconds and clean the breach out with a squeegee. Put it all back together, turn the air back on and in less than 60 seconds you have cleaned nearly the entire gun and back up and going!

Another great feature of the Empire Axe is the stock trigger. The stock trigger in most paintball guns, even high end paintball guns come with a rigid, stiff trigger. The bearings that come in the Empire Axe trigger make the Axe trigger the best feeling trigger we have felt over the last few years. The Empire Axe trigger also offers 3 different set screws to assist in the adjusting and customizing the trigger settings to create the best feel you can come up with per your preferences.

Overall the Empire Axe has been a great gun to the industry allowing for those players on a budget to still be able to afford a high end paintball gun without spending the huge amounts of money most high end, high performing guns require. Check out the Empire Axe review here and see what other paintball players are saying about this new gun. You will see that the paintball community as a whole enjoys the Empire Axe!

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