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The Empire Syx paintball gun has now been released to the public and is at your local paintball fields! The new Axe marker from Empire Paintball has some of the best improvements of all of the guns released from Empire over the last few years.

With the upgraded new hard case and carrying handle, the display of the Syx is a huge improvement in itself. The new bolt poppet design is an improved design that is said to be more durable and better performing. The new electronic board system has two button programming and is near impossible to accidentally turn on or off in the middle of the game. This is a better design than the Vanquish GT and Axe Pro design with the joy stick.

The regulator is integrated into the grip frame and easily serviceable. The front grip frame now holds a 9 bolt battery that can be removed without any tools and in seconds.

Empire Syx Features:

  • Revised engine for improved performance
  • All new, in-grip Regulator attached to a new designed ASA
  • Tool-less battery door located in front grip of the gun
  • Dual-density, non-slip full-wrap rubber front and back grips
  • Fluid design unbroken by external screws
  • Multi-function Redline OLED board with dial-button navigation
  • Quick, tool-free bolt removal for easy maintenance
  • Accurate, micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel with 7.5” control bore
  • Break beam, anti-chop Laser Eyes prevents barrel breaks
  • Low pressure operation that is gentle on fragile paint
  • Standardized O-rings for further simplified maintenance
  • EVA protective and functional marker case

Empire Syx Paintball Gun Overview

Empire Syx Paintball Gun Technical Breakdown


Empire Syx Game play Video

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