GI Sportz Glide Pants, best pants in 2016? Just maybe! When these pants were being first tested in February 2015 the players who saw them saw something unexpected. Most paintball pants up to this point we very heavy duty, stiff and heavily padded. Usually the pants with no padding were very cheaply made. The all new GI Sportz Glide pants are probably the lightest, most flexible paintball pants I have ever tried on. If you are familiar with paintball pants the Dye UL pants are light weight with little padding but not the same as the GI Sportz Glide Pants.

Have you ever tried to stretch before playing while wearing your paintball pants? If so, most likely you know you aren’t really able to get a full stretch in most positions. While testing the GI Sports Glide pants, players asked me if I really liked them and I would show them how I was able to squat, bend over and move freely in all positions. If the pants got wet, because of the light weight they would dry out very fast!

Some key features I enjoyed while testing these pants

-Incredible Flexibility while playing

-Lightest Paintball pants I have ever worn.

-No heavy zippers to break or dig into your sides and legs.

-Draw String combined with Velcro waist band

-Strong draw string ankle band to prevent ripping

If you have any questions about these pants before you buy, please email me directly! John at Pro Edge

Pro Edge Paintball has these pants in stock with FREE SHIPPING! So please show your support and visit to order your GI Sportz Glide Pants!

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