The Houston Paintball League is a 3 man tournament series based out of Houston, TX. The league was created by John Jackson, and Team VCK when the need of a new tournament series for those players starting out was needed! After 13 successful years of the Houston Rookie League creating tournament players for the Houston area, the founder John “Tank” Tankersley decided to shut it down. This left too many young, aspiring paintball players without a place to call home. The Houston Paintball League will host Houston paintball tournaments around the area at a few selected paintball fields.

With the creation of the Houston Paintball League we are in high hopes that we are able to provide a fun, fair and well organized paintball series for our friends and fellow paintball players! With the help of the local paintball field owners, input from the players and any help the league can get we believe that the Houston Paintball League could provide the experience desired from the players in Houston and surrounding areas!

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