As most of the paintball players who play think that all paintball balls are the same they are not!
If you have ever shot a paintball gun and wondered why it did not shoot that straight, a lot has to do with the paintball balls that you are using. If you are using the cheapest paintballs, the performance will suffer that is for sure. The difference between low end paintball balls and high end paintball balls is a drastic difference but hard to tell with the naked eye.

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Here is a video to shed some light on “Frozen Paintballs”-

The cheaper paintball balls won’t be perfectly around, will have a harder shell not allowing the ball to break on your opponent the majority of the time in addition to not flying straight because of the odd shaped shell.

The more expensive paintball balls will be on the complete opposite of that spectrum! The good paintball balls will fly straight, break easier on the target

allowing you to eliminate more opponents and waste less paintballs saving you money. The better paintball balls are more round offering the straighter shot. The fill inside of the nicer paintball balls will be thicker than your cheap paintballs, the purpose of this is when the paintball marks/hits the other player it breaks and leaves a larger amount of paint on the target. The larger the size of the hit, the less likely someone is of getting away with continuing to play after they are eliminated.

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