paintball classTaking part in this paintball class and learn paintball from the most famous paintball players of all time. This digital form of a paintball class is one of the best ways to increase your game on the paintball field. Follow step by step and learn each technique until you perfect it. You are able to do one drill every weekend while at the paintball field with your team or solo. Most paintball classes are only one day, but this one you can re watch as many times as you want until you feel you have the drill down 100%.


Most paintball classes cost anywhere from $100 to $350 but this one is only $19.95 plus shipping. With over a 100 paintball classes taught, this video puts together the highlights and the best tips around. This digital paintball class covers anything from the basics up to your professional advanced skills so ANYONE can learn to play at the top level of paintball!


Save the money and buy ONE copy for the whole team. Watch it the night before a big practice or tournament, take it to the field even. You are able to use this paintball class DVD as many times as you need, where ever you need to insure you are getting your moneys worth.

If You Are Still Reading this, There is Hope For You.

Why do I say that? Simple; all the jokers who are just looking for a simple way to get better stopped reading long ago because there wasn’t enough hype and promise that this paintball class could turn them into Pro Paintball players by next week if they would only just buy the course.

Purchase the paintball class and it will Teach You How to Be A Better Paintball Player

This Paintball Class is designed by one of the most famous, if not MOST famous paintball players in history. Even HE will tell you that the basics are key to anyone having a successful paintball career. Some may think they have their basics down, but don’t you want to make sure you aren’t practicing the wrong drills the wrong way and creating more bad habits instead of improving your game every weekend you are out there?

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