A paintball club can be a very fun and exciting group to get started in your area if you are in search of a group of buddies to always play with and really enjoy the game. Depending on what type of paintball club you are thinking about opening there may be a  few different steps to take prior to starting your own paintball club. Of course if you are just trying to start a paintball club with some friends and are going to use the club just to go out and play paintball here and there and have a good time then besides getting people to join and maybe giving the paintball club a name you are ready to go.

However, if you are trying to start a paintball club in your school then there are a few important tasks you must complete before you can get this paintball club approved, opened and operational.

One thing nearly every group needs to do before things get started is insure there are people who will join your paintball club. The best way to do this is to get them to sign a petition, or a form of some sort saying they would like a paintball club to be opened. The larger the list of interested participants the more serious the school board will take you when you present your case to them.

Be sure to put together a paintball club plan for the year prior to presenting the idea to the school board. You want to make sure you have answers to their questions before they ask them. A few ideas on what to have answers for would be, where will the paintball club meet and when? What is the goal of the paintball club? What will members of the paintball club be required to do? If the goal of your paintball club is to just go play paintball together I probably wouldn’t write that down. A better response would be, ” The goal of our paintball club is to build the relationships between students to help build leadership skills and the fundamental skills that will be needed by all of our in the work force once we graduate”. The idea that you have a centralized goal for your club will mean you are not there just to waste their time, you have put time and effort into this idea.

One more tip on putting together a paintball club. If you already play paintball and know some of the employees or owners at the local paintball fields or stores, try stopping by and speaking to them about supporting your paintball club. If you are able to give the principal or school board a local business owners contact information in case they would like to speak with an industry expert this will most definitely help your case. Be sure to speak to the paintball store or paintball field owner prior to giving out their information and be sure to inform them that you are in need of support for the paintball club. Most of your owners in the paintball industry are extremely friendly and more than willing to help someone get something going for themselves!

One last tip to opening a paintball club is be responsible. Paintball is seen many different ways depending on whose eyes you are looking through. Some see paintball as a war game, some see it as easy going as a water balloon fight. Depending on who you ask the sport of paintball can be seen multiple ways. Regardless of who you talk to, they will all tell you that in the wrong hands paintball can be dangerous. Be sure to be responsible and if need be have someone in charge at all times when you are playing paintball. Accidents do happen and usually when you least expect them so wear the paintball masks. Be sure to use the safety’s on the paintball guns and always point the paintball guns down. If you have a list of rules for your paintball club that everyone has to sign off on that they agree to, this would show responsibility, maturity and a seriousness to get your paintball club recognized by the school.

In the end, be smart about how you go about opening your own paintball club. If you do it right, this club could be around for years to come all because you started it off right from the beginning!

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