The paintball game in itself is a fun and exciting game that people from all ages can play. For the game of paintball it doesn’t matter how small or big you are ,how young as long as you’re 10 years old or how old you are… everyone can play the game of paintball everyone is talking about. With so many paintball game ideas  out there now there is a game idea for everyone to take part in. Now days, paintball has become such a popular game that kids are choosing it for their birthday parties over your old laser tag type birthdays. Paintball can be seen on TV now as well, in either commercials or on ESPN. The paintball game as a whole is growing, the player participation is up overall and their are more fields in areas where paintball fields weren’t before.


paintball game ideas

The game of paintball is a game where opponents mark one another with colored projectiles that fly at 300 feet per second or about 200 miles per hour. At your established and regulated paintball fields the game of paintball has rules to keep all players from getting hurt by getting hit by a paintball too close up. The typical rule of thumb is you are not allowed to shoot someone under 20 feet. In most cases you as the attacker is required to offer your opponent the chance to surrender. If the other player chooses not to surrender then and only then are you allowed to shoot them from under 20 feet.  That is just a few examples of paintball game ideas , keep reading to see a handful more! The more you get into the paintball game them ore you realize how friendly and close the industry as a whole is. It seems as if everyone knows everyone else and if you don’t just stick around for a while and you will understand more about the paintball game than you ever imagine along with knowing every manager and field owner in the business in your area.

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Here are a few paintball game ideas

1 – Capture The Flag

2- Elimination

3 – Attack and defend

4 – Protect the president

5 – Defend the base

6 – Rob the bank

7 – Save the hostages

8 – Plant the bomb

9 – Reincarnation

10- Speedball

This is just one video of paintball game ideas, check it out below to see a pretty fun idea for playing paintball with your friends.



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