Hey guys just wanted to help some of you out with some paintball gun repair tips before you have gear issues at your local paintball field.


When you are at the local field and have an issue there are a few things you really want to watch out for. As some of you may have already experienced, just because someone at the local field owns or has owned the same paintball gun that you have does not mean they know how to repair it. Keep in mind some paintball players out there love to tinker with their gear. This trait is great… as long as it still works afterwards. With that said, be careful with whom you let work on your gear or you might end up paying for it in the end.

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Here are a few pointers for you to stay ahead of the game when it comes to having issues with your gear at the field.




Tip 1– Cover your basics-Know how to change your battery and clean your own gun, at least the basic cleaning. This may seem a little overwhelming at first especially to new gear owners. With today’s technology learning new things is much easier. If you are interested in learning more about your gear visit YouTube.com, PBNation.com and find your paintball manual on this site for helpful videos, pointers and many FAQs that can help you with any issues you may run into.


Tip 2– Bring your own allen wrenches to the field along with an extra o ring kit for your gun. Some paintball fields keep tools on hand but some don’t. There is nothing worse than going to a field, your gear not working and then you not being able to work on your gear because you have everything except for the correct tools needed to get the job done. Stop by your local paintball store or Lowe’s/Home Depot and pick up a set of allen wrenches and an adjustable wrench.

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Tip 3– If you have cleaned your gun, changed the battery, replaced the o rings you think were bad and still no luck… well the last thing to do is trust those guys behind the counter with your gear. The one tip I can recommend at this point is to keep an eye on them until you feel confident they know what they are doing. Remember, paintball fields don’t usually make their staff take a test to work on gear so  if you don’t feel like hanging around until they are done, be nice and ask to use one of their  rental guns until yours is finished up. Hopefully you will only have to use a rental gun for a few games, this is better than not playing at all in my opinion. If in the end your gear is not working right, your best bet is to track down your local paintball pro shop with the best reputation of having a knowledgeable staff and bite the bullet. Give them a few days at minimum to take a look at your gear just in case they need to order parts or your issue isn’t a typical repair, that way you can have your gear ready to go for the next time you need it!


For some in the paintball world, working on your own equipment is like working on your own car… it’s just not an option. This is completely understandable, so for those of you who have no interest in working on your own gear either read more about paintball gun repair tips or Google your local paintball store and tell them to take care of it!  For everyone else, I hope this has been helpful and will save you money and prevent any headache the next time you head to the field.

Here is a video to help show everyone what is typically required for a paintball gun repair.

If you are in need of help with your paintball gun repair you could always leave a comment on the you tube channel of the video above, maybe they will be able to comment and help you out. For more helpful tech videos check out TechPB.

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One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to shoot the cheapest paintballs available. Doing so will cause your paintball gun to break more often and not perform as well as it should. However, on the other end if you are looking just to test your paintball gun out with after repairing it or thinking you repaired it cheap paintballs may not be such a bad idea.

Want to learn how to repair a Tippmann paintball gun?

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  1. Cool tips you shared here and thanks so much for sharing! I agree, buying the cheapest paintballs are not always an option. There are times when you thought you saved some money but, in the end, spending more when your gun ended up ruined.

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