Ever curious what is in the paintball paint? Years ago paintballs were fill with oil based paint. This is during the time where players played only with pump paintball guns and wore a mask that resembled shop glasses.


Paintball was started from paintball guns that were used to mark cattle and trees. Since the early 1980’s until now, paintball has changed drastically. One major change all players will notice is that paintball paint is no longer oil based but is now water soluble. This allows for paintballs to be used nearly anywhere without causing any permanent marks or staining. The paintballs over the years have also increased in quality and performance.

Now days, paintballs are used in all different aspects of life. Police officers use pepper balls which is like a paintball with pepper spray inside. Some use rubber paintballs to test paintball equipment or to train indoors. Paintballs are used in movie sets where they are filled with different chemicals or types of metals to cause sparks like a bullet was shot when filming a movie. Some are made to crack glass as if someone shot a bullet through the glass.



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