paintball tipsEveryone in the paintball world has different paintball tips that they believe are the best. In some cases they have valid points but in other cases they have no facts or achievements to back up their ideas. If you are interested in learning paintball from one of the most well known paintball players in the world be sure to take a look at the video clip below.
Some websites have great paintball tips but no one has put together a 45 minute paintball class on how to improve your game like this video.

With over 10 years of paintball experience put together into a 45 paintball tips video, you can be sure you will learn more than you ever have in such a short period of time. What is great about this paintball tips videos is that you can pause and rewind as many times as you would like unlike a real paintball tips class where you only get one day to memorize the entire class.

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A few Paintball Tips from Paintball Gun

Paintball Tip #1- Start out slow when doing ALL drills. Over time you will naturally increase your speed at which you perform the drill, also while increasing your performance level of the drill. When doing a drill, it does not matter how fast you are doing it if you are not doing it correctly and being accurate at the same time.

Paintball Tip #2- Pay attention to the other players around you. By critiquing in your head what the other players around you are doing, you should be able to pick up on many mistakes and learn from their faults instead of having to learn it the hard way in the middle of the game or even worse, in the middle of a tournament. Watch as many paintball videos as you can and try to see if you can put together as many paintball tips as possible for you and your friends or team. By becoming a better paintball player overall and possibly trying to teach others, you will grow as a player over time.

Paintball Tip #3- Pro Players did not wake up one morning and become pro. It takes years of practice and tournaments to get to the Pro level. Do not let one, two or ten bad tournaments get you down or discourage you. Learning as many paintball tips as you can, writing them down and memorizing them is the only way you will be ready to play at the highest levels of paintball possible. Practice every weekend, play against players that are better then you (and yes this can be tough at times), and stay motivated. Don’t forget why you began playing paintball though, because you enjoy it. Be sure to occasionally go out and play some FUN recreational paintball. This doesn’t mean go beat up on little kids but help a little guy out, make sure he has a good time and it will remind you of why you are searching for paintball tips to make you better!


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