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The site is extremely new for anyone who does not know, less than 6 months old.

The bulk of the work has been completed but it is now time to find out from YOU what we missed, did wrong, or could do better!

Please comment and list any manuals we are missing or ones you would like to see on the site!

Please keep it clean and professional, thank you.

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9 thoughts on “What is Paintball Gun Missing?”

  1. You’re missing manuals for the Action Markers guns. I used to have a link to the Diadem ITS manual, but having switched computers, lost it. They also had a pump marker called the ‘Illusion’ I believe.

  2. Hey guys,

    Great idea, however I’m having trouble viewing the site from my iphone/mobile device which is what we use out at our park. You should def look into that so I can use this!

  3. Aaron,
    I noticed a few issues with the mobile verson. Do you like the site better without a mobile version? Anyone else want to give me their opinion?

  4. The UI work on the website could use improvement… I would disable HTML tags / attributes in comments, as it is very easy to jack the website if you do…an option to download all manuals for a manufacturer at once would (have) be nice….

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