Pump PaintballPump Paintball is a different type of paintball that only a small percentage of players truly enjoy. From some players points of view pump paintball is easier, in some it is the hardest thing they have ever tried. Pump paintball is the type of paintball where you are required to physically pump the paintball gun in order to load a paintball into the chamber. With the movement of  pumping the gun, it makes it more difficult to be as accurate as you may be while playing with a semi auto paintball gun.
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Pump Paintball guns are the oldest form of a paintball gun.  When paintball began, players would use pump paintball guns shooting oil based paint.Only after years of playing with only shop type goggles and pump paintball guns did semi auto paintball guns come to the scene. Pump paintball guns are still used today and have been found to be a great alternative when times are rough and money is tight. Most pump paintball players use half of the paint they normally would when out playing if not even less.  In addition, pump paintball guns usually cost a fraction of the cost of the middle to high end paintball guns.
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The style of paintball you play either tournament or recreation is also effected by playing with a pump paintball gun instead of semi automatic paintball gun. If you are playing tournament pump paintball the fundamentals of paintball become increasingly important. With a slower rate of fire, the game has the possibility to turn into a much faster paced game. If you are unable to shoot accurately, in pump paintball you are unable to make up for your lack of accuracy by shooting larger amounts of paint.

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