The R7 Replay Camera mount How-To currently only works for the Empire E-Flex, Empire Event or any other Empire mask that takes the Event lens system.


Step 1-

Take out the swivel camera mount from your back as see in the picture. Notice if you look inside of the camera mount where the camera would slide into, there is a circular rubber piece. This rubber piece is just a plug or cover that covers the head of the Phillips head screw that holds the mount to the swivel. 

Step 2- Use a small flat head screw driver and pry the rubber cover/plug out of place. Be careful not to damage this piece. It should not take much effort to pry it out of place.

Step 3- Under the rubber plug, there will be a Phillips head screw that needs to be removed. Use a Phillips head screw driver to unscrew this screw. What you have left should be the screw, the tube camera mount and the black rubber piece (not shown in the picture).

Step 4- Disassemble your paintball mask ear piece. You can mount the camera to both sides but will have to modify both sides to make it work. The piece you are going to modify will look like what is in the picture below. You will want to use a small flat head screw driver to pry the plastic Empire gem logo piece off of the ear piece retainer. 

Step 5. WARNING- ** Sharp Tools May Be Sharp** With a drill or drill press and the 3/16 drill bit, drill a hole all the way through if you choose or 3/4 way through will work into the retainer piece. Once completed it should look like the picture below.


Step 6 – With a little force screw the screw into the ear piece retainer. You may need to widen the hole with the drill bit a little more before being able to screw the screw in. Once you can get the screw in, mount the tube camera mount to the ear piece retainer using the Phillips head screw. 

Step 7- Put back the rubber cover/plug to cover the screw head. Mount your new camera mount to your mask.

Step  8 – Go shoot fools and record the whole thing so your friends can see!

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