If you are having issues with your Tippmann paintball gun and need to repair it there are only a hand full of issues that could be going on. The Tippmann paintball gun is a fairly easy type of gun to repair if you have basic paintball gun repair knowledge.

Things to look for-

1.Is the Tippmann gun sputtering and sounds like it is going full auto?

2.Is the Tippmann gun leaking?

3.Are the paintballs rolling out of the end of the Tippmann gun?

Here is how to repair the issues listed above-

1. To repair the Tippmann gun that is sputtering take the paintball gun completely apart. Replace the hammer o ring (look on the Tippmann Manuals page). Wipe down the entire paintball gun and be sure to use PAINTBALL gun oil on all of the o rings inside of the Tippmann. This includes the front bolt o ring and the hammer o ring. I would not recommend taking apart the valve.

2. If you want to fix your Tippmann paintball gun from leaking here is what to do. First you need to find out which part of the paintball gun the leak is coming from. If the leak  is coming from where you screw your air tank into the gun, replace the air tanks o ring. If the leak is coming from one of the hoses you may need to tighten the hose, replace the hose or buy teflon/pipe tape and apply them around the threads of each size of the hose and re install the hose. If the leak is coming from inside of the gun it may take a little bit longer to fix. The main issue that occurs when there is a leak inside of the Tippmann is the valve o rings have gone bad. Take a look at the manual, pull the valve apart, replace the o rings on the valve and you should be all fixed up!
Here is a helpful video to take a look at when pulling apart your valve.


3. Is your Tippmann paintball gun allowing paintballs to just run out of the

barrel? Is your paintball gun shooting more than

one paintball at a time? Inside your manual, find a parts list and find the term “Ball Detent”. The “Ball Detent”

is the part of the paintball gun that controls how many paintballs are loaded into the breach of any paintball gun. If yours is broken, worn out or missing this will be the cause of your issue.

How to repair a tippmann





Those three issues are the top three issues that occur on most Tippmann paintball guns. If you need further help on how to repair a Tippmann paintball gun, ask a question on our Tech Help Section!


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