Best Spyder Upgrades

With over 15 years of paintball playing experience and with my very first paintball gun being a Spyder I have tried and tested a ton of the gear on the market today. Now days there are so many Spyder paintball guns on the market no one knows what goes to what, what model they have, do they all work the same and so on?

Some of the best advice I was given on upgrading your paintball gun was that no matter how cool or how many balls per second you can shoot, if you can’t hit what you’re aiming at then all of those upgrades were a waste of money.

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My first recommendation on what the best Spyder upgrades are would have to be to upgrade the barrel. The two things that mainly effect accuracy are your barrel and the paintballs you are using. The stock barrels that come on your Spyder out of the box is okay. The barrel will shoot decently straight but not need as straight as an upgraded barrel will shoot if you are also shooting decent quality paintballs.

The best barrel upgrade for the money is hands down the Custom Products or CP One Piece barrel! This barrel sells for $29.95, comes in multiple colors and length and is available for nearly all paintball guns as an upgrade if you decide to change guns down the road.
This barrel has good porting (holes near the end of the barrel) to mKe the barrel more quiet than your stock barrel. They are made of aluminum so it will be light as well. I would recommend going with a 12,14 or 16 inch barrel. The 14 inch barrel is my favorite length overall. Anything over 16 is very difficult to use on a field especially if you are playing inside building with windows. The longer barrels tend to hang out the window making it difficult to stay hidden.

The next best barrel I would recommend would be the J and J Ceramic barrel. This is the very first barrel I purchased in 2000 for my first Spyder paintball gun upgrade. This barrel has more porting which will make it more quiet. It only comes in one color but offers a costing in the inside to allow for dirt and paint to clean out easier than other barrels. These barrels sell for about $34.95 to $39.95.
I have been extremely happy with the J and J barrels and they are clearly doing something right to have been in business for so long.

The third barrel I would upgrade for the Spyder paintball gun would be the Deadly Wind null barrel. This barrel sells for $59 and is carbon fiber making it one of the lightest barrels on the market.

The next Spyder Upgrade I would recommend would have to be an upgraded hopper or loader. Now that you can shoot straighter you have to be able to count on your hopper to feed paintballs into your gun.

On this upgrade there are only two I recommend and and really I my one I feel is a true upgrade.
The first hopper I would highly recommend would be the JT Revolution hopper. This hopper sells for $44.95- $49.95. This upgrade takes two 9 volt batteries and is compatible with most brand Speedfeeds to load your hopper faster without having to open the lid. These are only available in black currently. This hopper will feed as fast as nearly all Spyder paintball guns are capable of shooting, even in full auto. It is light weight and easy to clean when needed.

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