It has been a while since I have done a review on here and a lot has changed since then but my love for this sport is as strong as ever. The paintball industry is changing and changing for the better I must say! 50 Caliber is growing!!

This week at my store, Pro Edge Paintball, we were lucky enough to get in the brand new Tippmann TMC in 50 Caliber. The Tippmann TMC paintball gun in 68 caliber has just killed it in 2018. For only $199.95, this Mag Fed and Hopper fed paintball gun is everything you could ask for in your first paintball gun. Between the reliability of the Tippmann brand and the lower prices the GI Sports brand brings to the table, the Tippmann TMC is the perfect mix for most new players.

See Tippmann TMC Upgrades and Models

What does the TMC bring to the table?

  1. Low price – $199.95. Most players when they get started are told to purchase the Tippmann 98 Custom or the Tippmann A5 for their first paintball gun. These are priced at $130-$200 but don’t offer a magazine fed system, the  TMC does!
  2. Realistic Tactical Look – The Tippmann TMC design is based off the extremely popular M4 and they have done a good job. The TMC is a mix between metal and plastic parts and has a good solid feel to it. The Tippmann brand is known for making incredibly durable products so don’t have any worries the TMC won’t keep up with your abuse.
  3. Magazine Fed and Hopper Fed – If you want a reliable, cool looking paintball gun and don’t think you are trying to shoot a ton of paintballs each time you go play, the magazine feed option may be perfect for you! The TMC comes with 2 magazines that hold 25 rounds each of the 50 caliber and 20 paintballs in the 68 caliber version. If you watch our video review of the TMC, you can see how quick and easy it is to change between magazine feed and hopper feed.
  4.  Accessories are so affordable! If Tippmann stays to their current path on the standard 68 caliber TMC, the 50 Cal TMC will have magazines that sell for $25-$30 for two. This makes them some of the, if not THE most affordable magazines in the industry of magazine fed paintball. Goodjob Tippmann!
  5. Reliable Ayy Eff- Tippmann brand.. enough said. Their warranty, their quality control, their quality of parts are above all other tactical companies. You can sleep at night knowing your gear is going to work tomorrow. Tippmann Warranty

Overall, the Tippmann TMC is going to be an incredible option for new paintball players to get started. The 50 caliber option doesn’t hurt nearly like a 68 caliber does which also helps our players enjoy our sport more. What more could you ask for? For paintball field owners, I feel they should carry these at their fields asap. If these fields offer 50 caliber birthday parties, these TMC markers will be right up the kids alley to own their own gear! Add a paintball mask, paintball air tank and a Tippmann multi caliber paintball hopper and you are set! A solid, reliable setup for between $250-$300!

I don’t know if this is for you but if you have interest in looking into the Tippmann TMC 68 Caliber, take a look here for more information.

If you have any questions about paintball gear purchases or equipment advice please reach out to me anytime! I can be reached through email or my Instagram. I will leave my information below! Thank you for reading and visiting my site!

John Jackson


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