The Top 10 Electronic Paintball Guns list is dependent on your playing style partially and what features you really want in your electronic paintball gun. Most paintball guns do the same thing, but it is how well they do that one thing which is important to keep in mind. If you are looking for the lightest paintball guns click here.

#1 Spyder FenixSEE MORE HERE

For the price and performance you get out of this paintball gun, the Spyder Fenix is by far the best paintball gun for a newer player getting started! This paintball gun offers different firing modes and a simple, easy to clean design. Be sure to use Compressed Air with this paintball air tank, as with Co2 we have found it can cause issues with the internal o rings wanting to leak.

#2 Invert MiniSEE MORE HERE

The Invert Mini electronic paintball gun has been around for over 5 years now with proven success for all playing styles. We rank this paintball marker at #2 due to the increase in price, but with the price increase comes a huge increase in performance. This paintball gun is extremely light weight, small, easy to clean and very reliable. If you are an adult or have large hands this electronic paintball gun might not be for you, instead check out the next paintball gun on our list. The Invert Mini is a great value when you weight the overall performance vs the price you will pay. For 99% of the paintball players out there, this electronic paintball gun will perform and keep up with nearly every playing style you can throw at it for a great price.

#3 Empire AxeSEE MORE HERE

This paintball gun is the big brother of the Invert Mini. It is larger, easy to handle and offers some amazing features for not a huge price increase. You are able to clean this paintball gun with no tools at all, just a push of a button. This electronic paintball marker also features an on/off switch for your air tank so you are able to degas your paintball gun without struggling to unscrew your air tank on and off of your paintball gun. For you larger handed players out there, this paintball gun is a perfect fit. If the Invert Mini is too small, stop by your local store and check out there Empire Axe.

#4 Planet Eclipse Geo 3SEE MORE HERE

The Geo 3 paintball gun is by far the best paintball gun in our opinion. It is light weight, durable, easy to clean with an incredible performance level. For such a great electronic paintball gun of course comes a high price. If you are able to test one of these paintball guns and it fits into your budget we highly recommend checking one out!

#5 Tippmann X7 PhenomSEE MORE OPTIONS HERE

This is far the best durable electronic tactical paintball gun on the marker today. The Phenom is a little heavier than most but features an electronic mode of full auto and 3 round burst and also offers a mechanical setting just in case your battery dies in the middle of the game. Of course the Phenom is backed by the Tippmann brand’s reputation and durability. For this price you also receive the Cyclone feed system which is the hopper or loader system that operates off of the air running through your paintball gun. As long as you have air you have a working hopper, unlike your standard hopper that if your batteries die, you are out of luck!


The BT Tm15 is the next best performing tactical electronic paintball gun that offers a very light weight and great looking platform for about the same price as the X7 Phenom. This paintball marker is high performing as it uses the same internals as the Invert Mini and the Empire Axe. This paintball gun is completely electronic and offers a hand full of different firing modes available to you at the flip of a thumb switch. These come in multiple camo and tactical color choices to match your uniform as close as possible.


The Proto Relflex is a very durable paintball gun but isn’t high on our list due to the number of o rings on the firing system. Proto is a brand of Dye which is well known for high quality and performing products and the Reflex is no different. If you like the DYE product line but not the price, the Proto Reflex will give you great performance at a price around the $500 mark.


This is the highest end marker released in 2013 by Empire Paintball. This marker features some of the coolest features such as one allen key to take apart the entire gun. An extremely light weight platform, tool less cleaning of the firing system and a easy to use screen to change your settings! This paintball gun comes with a full barrel kit, an extremely nice carrying case in addition to a nice little parts kit.

#9 Dye Assault MatrixSEE MORE OPTIONS HERE

The Dye Assault Matrix is by far the coolest tactical gun ever released in paintball. This paintball gun looks real, feels great and fires the amazing First Strike round paintball. You can switch between magazine fed to hopper fed with just a slide switch. This allows you to use normal paintballs in your hopper and First Strike sniper rounds in your magazines. If you don’t know what First Strike rounds are You Tube them, you will be amazed! The price is a little high bit for the performance and nice gun carrying case that comes with it, this paintball gun is well worth it’s price tag.

#10 DLX LUXE 2.0See More Options Here

The Luxe ICE is the most advanced paintball gun of all time with different languages programmed into it to speak to you, to a tool less firing system and amazing color combinations. For the price we fill this marker is a little on the expensive side but if you are looking for an amazing paintball gun with amazing performance and a hand full of extremely nice features, the DLX Luxe ICE is the electronic paintball gun to choose.


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